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Common Reasons for High Temperature Alarms of Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 31, 2021

When the high temperature alarm of the diesel generator set, it should be shut down in time to check the cause and eliminate it. If the diesel engine runs under high temperature conditions, it may cause damage to the machine such as cylinder pulling or cylinder explosion, power reduction, lubricating oil viscosity reduction, and increased friction between parts. In serious cases, the machine may be "scrapped".

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So, what are the common reasons for high temperature alarms in diesel generating sets?

1. Long-term overload operation: Long-term overload operation of diesel engine will increase fuel consumption and heat load, resulting in excessive water temperature. For this reason, long-term overload operation of diesel engines should be avoided.

2. Insufficient coolant: Regularly check the amount of coolant in the radiator and expansion tank, and replenish it in time when the liquid level is low. Because the lack of coolant in the diesel engine cooling system will affect the heat dissipation effect of the diesel engine, resulting in high temperature of the diesel engine.

3. Interference between heat dissipation devices (engineering machinery): If the hydraulic oil radiator and the water radiator are placed one after the other, when the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, the cold air temperature on the inlet side of the water radiator will inevitably become too high, which will affect the water. The radiator dissipates heat. In this regard, the heat dissipation of the hydraulic system should be overhauled to reduce the adverse effect of the hydraulic oil radiator on the heat dissipation of the diesel engine water radiator.

4. The fan belt is too loose or the fan is deformed: Regularly check whether the fan belt of the diesel engine is loose and whether the fan shape is abnormal. Because the fan belt is too loose, it is easy to cause the fan speed to decrease, causing the radiator to fail to perform its due heat dissipation capacity, resulting in excessive diesel engine temperature. In addition, the deformation of the fan will also cause the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator to not be fully utilized.

5. Sundries attached to the surface of the radiator of the diesel generator set: Sundries attached to the surface of the radiator are the most common phenomenon. The attached sundries will reduce the heat dissipation area of the radiator, and the windward area of the radiator will decrease, resulting in the heat dissipation of the radiator. The capacity is reduced, causing the diesel engine to become hot. Therefore, the radiator should be cleaned regularly.

6. Poor coolant circulation: Insufficient opening of the thermostat will reduce the heat dissipation capacity of the diesel engine cooling system for large cycles. If the diesel engine is hot, you can put the thermostat in the water for heating inspection. Generally, the opening distance of the thermostat is 8-10mm.

Warm Tips: Poor performance of the water pump will reduce the coolant flow rate and cause the diesel engine to become hot.

When checking the upper and lower water chambers of the radiator of the diesel generator set, the temperature difference between the upper and lower water chambers is generally 6-12°C. If it is too small, the water pump can be replaced. Excessive scale in the water pump will also affect the heat dissipation efficiency of the fins in the radiator and reduce the thermal conductivity of the coolant and the cold air. In this regard, the diesel engine cooling system should be cleaned regularly, and at the same time, avoid the use of inferior coolant to reduce the generation of scale.

The temperature in summer is relatively high. When using diesel generator sets, users should pay more attention to maintaining good ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room, and make preparations for inspection before using the generator set. However, most of the current machines have the function of high temperature alarm and automatic shutdown. When purchasing a machine, pay attention to inquire whether the manufacturer's machine has this function.

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