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Common Methods to Find Faults on Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 02, 2021

Diesel generators will have various failures during use, with various phenomena and complicated causes. A fault can be represented as one or more faults, and a fault may be caused by one or more causes. Finding and determining the cause of the fault quickly and accurately is the basis and prerequisite for fast troubleshooting.

Fault judgment should not only be very familiar with the basic structure of diesel generators, the cooperation relationship of various parts and basic working principles, but also master the general principles and methods of finding and judging faults, and be able to use them flexibly. Only in this way, when encountering actual problems, through careful observation, thorough investigation and correct analysis, can the malfunction of the malfunctioning diesel generator be eliminated quickly, accurately and timely. When a malfunction occurs, the operator should be careful and timely. Analyze the characteristics of the faults and determine the causes. Starlight power generation equipment recommendations generally follow the following principles:

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The judgment of the fault must be integrated, and the troubleshooting must be comprehensive. Carrying out troubleshooting is a systematic project, and the diesel generator should be regarded as a whole (a system), not as a group of components. If a system, mechanism or component is faulty, other systems, mechanisms or components must be involved. Therefore, the failure of each system, mechanism or component cannot be treated absolutely in isolation, but must consider the impact on other systems and its own impact, so as to analyze the cause of the failure with a holistic concept, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and elimination.

The entire situation of the failure should be fully understood from the operator, and necessary inspection and analysis should be made. The general procedure of diesel generator analysis failure is: understand the failure phenomenon——understand the use status of the diesel generator——understand the maintenance history——on-site observation——fault analysis and troubleshooting.

To find faults, disassembly should be minimized as much as possible. Demolition can only be used as a last resort after careful analysis. When deciding to take this step, it must be guided by knowledge of structure and institutional principles, and based on scientific analysis. It can only be carried out when it is sure to return to a normal state and be sure that it will not cause undesirable consequences. Otherwise, it will not only prolong the troubleshooting time, but also may cause the engine to suffer undue damage or generate new faults.

Avoid luck and blindness. When the diesel generator malfunctions suddenly or the cause of the malfunction has been generally determined, and the malfunction will affect the normal operation of the diesel generator, it should be shut down for inspection in time. When it is judged to be a major fault or the diesel generator suddenly stops by itself, it should be disassembled and repaired in time.

For failures that cannot be immediately identified, the diesel generator can be operated at low speed and no-load, and then observed and analyzed to find out the cause to avoid larger accidents.

When encountering a more serious failure sign that may cause destructive damage, you must not keep luck and do it blindly. When the cause of the fault is not found and eliminated, the engine cannot be started easily, otherwise the damage to the fault will be further enlarged and even a major accident may be caused.

Pay attention to investigation, research, and reasonable analysis. The faults that occur each time, especially the troubleshooting methods of major faults, should be recorded in the operation book of the diesel generator for reference for the next maintenance.

Investigating, researching and understanding the process and status quo of the use, management and maintenance of diesel generators mainly depends on what faults often occur and where they occur; which parts are replaced during maintenance; clearance data for inspection and assembly, etc. The understanding of the current situation is mainly about the phenomena observed before and after the failure of the diesel generator, what measures have been taken, and the effect. Through the understanding of these problems, the train of thought can be guided to the direction where the possibility of failure is high, which is convenient for making correct analysis and judgment.

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