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Common Inspection Content When Diesel Generator Failure

Jan. 10, 2022

During the operation of diesel generators, low oil pressure will lead to poor lubrication of all transmission components, and even gaps between cylinder locks and large bearings. If the oil circuit is blocked, continuing to use the unit will cause greater failures. So when a diesel generator in the event of a low oil pressure fault alarm and shutdown, it should be shut down immediately for inspection and repair before it can be used.

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1. Fixed diesel generator: The diesel engine and generator are connected by couplings (or SAE standard interface), and are placed on the steel shared bridge chassis together with the water tank radiator, and the control cabinet is placed on the top cover of the diesel generator or equip it alone.

2. Automated diesel generator: On the basis of ordinary diesel generator, the unit is automatically controlled by an automation module.

3. Box-type rain-proof diesel generator (including low-noise, container-type diesel generator): The diesel generator is built into a complete set after the car body is made and the noise reduction project is completed. After a large amount of air entering the cylinder rushes into the crankcase, it will also cause the diesel engine to shrink, the amount of air in the cylinder will decrease, the temperature and pressure will be too low, resulting in incomplete combustion of combustible mixture, abnormal exhaust pipe smoke, power drop, and fuel consumption. A series of faults such as adding, unstable idling and stalling at idling speed, and difficulty in starting.

A damp AC synchronous diesel generator must be dried, otherwise the diesel generator may be burnt due to insulation damage during use. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the ventilation conditions of the diesel generator storage environment and have good ventilation equipment.

The specific method of boring treatment: directly short-circuit the three-phase outlet end of the stator winding of the diesel generator, and the connection is firm. Adjust the voltage regulating rheostat in the excitation circuit to the position of large resistance. If the resistance is not large enough, another resistance should be connected in series to increase the resistance, and then start the diesel generator, paying attention to slowly accelerating to the extra speed, and then slowly Adjust the excitation current.

Check whether the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage (depending on different voltage levels). Because the generator is usually in the automatic state, the electronic control module ECM monitors the status of the entire unit and the communication between the EMCP control panel is maintained by the battery. When the external battery charger fails, the battery power cannot be replenished and the voltage drops. At this time, the battery must be charged. The charging time depends on the discharge of the battery and the rated current of the charger.

In an emergency, it is generally recommended to replace the battery. If the usual improper maintenance causes the loss of water and acid components in the battery to not be replenished in time, it is easy to reduce the battery capacity and reduce the service life of the battery. After the battery has been used for a long time, the battery cannot be started even if it reaches the rated voltage when the battery capacity drops severely. The battery must be replaced at this time.

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