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Common Fault Inspection of Valve Seat in Generator Set

Apr. 06, 2023

The valve seat of a generator set is a very important accessory. During use, it is necessary to pay attention to its inspection. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the common faults and solutions of the valve seat of the generator set. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce you to the common fault inspection of the valve seat of the generator set:

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Common faults of valve seats

1. Able to form a wider or grooved working surface due to wear. This is mainly because the valve seat is repeatedly impacted by the valve during the operation of the generator set.

2. The conical working surface produces spots, burns, or cracks. This is mainly due to the impact of high-temperature gases on the valve seat (especially the exhaust valve) and chemical corrosion.

The consequence of these failures is that the valves do not close tightly.

Technical Qualification of Valve Seats

1. If the valve seat has cracks or is greatly worn, or the tapered working surface is too low (2mm lower than the cylinder head plane) after cutting, it should be scrapped and replaced with a new valve seat diagram.

2. The conical working surface of the valve seat is slightly worn, pitted, or ablated, and can be repaired by grinding. If it is serious, it can be repaired by chipping, polishing, and other methods.

Inspection of valve seat

1. Check the width of the contact surface between the valve seat and the valve. This width is suitable for large low-speed generator sets with a requirement of 3-4 mm, and for high-speed generator sets with a requirement of 1.5-2.5 mm. If the width is too small, the contact between the valve and the valve seat is poor, the thermal conductivity is poor, and even if the valve seat width is too large, it is easy to accumulate carbon slag and the valve is not tightly closed, causing the contact surface to be ablated and leak air.

2. Check the working surface of the valve seat for ablation, spots, cracks, and grooves. When the conical working surface of the valve seat of the generator set becomes wider due to wear, or the conical working surface is severely ablated, resulting in deeper four recessed grooves and spots, reaming or grinding should be performed.

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