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Classification of Cylinder Gaskets for Diesel Generators

Dec. 25, 2023

The cylinder gasket of a diesel generator is located between the cylinder head and cylinder block, also known as a cylinder bed. According to the different materials used, cylinder gaskets can be divided into various types such as metal asbestos gaskets, metal composite gaskets, and all metal gaskets. This article follows Dingbo Electric Power to learn about the role and classification of cylinder gaskets.

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The main function of the cylinder gasket for diesel generators is:

1. The cylinder gasket is a sealing element between the top surface of the engine body and the bottom surface of the cylinder head. Its function is to ensure that the cylinder seal is not leaking, and to ensure that the coolant and oil flowing from the body to the cylinder head are not leaking.

2. The cylinder head gasket is subjected to the pressure caused by tightening the cylinder head bolts, as well as the high temperature and pressure of the combustion gases inside the cylinder, as well as corrosion from engine oil and coolant.

3. The cylinder gasket should also have sufficient strength and be resistant to pressure, heat, and corrosion. In addition, it is necessary to have a certain degree of elasticity to compensate for the roughness and flatness of the top surface of the engine body and the bottom surface of the cylinder head, as well as the repeated deformation that occurs during engine operation.

Classification of cylinder gaskets for diesel generators:

1. Metal asbestos cylinder gasket. This type of asbestos pad is sandwiched with metal wire or metal shavings in the middle and covered with copper or steel sheets. The thickness of this cylinder gasket is 1.2-2mm, which has good elasticity and heat resistance. It can be reused, but its strength is poor, and the thickness and quality are also uneven.

2. Metal composite material pad. The interior of this cylinder gasket is made of woven steel wire mesh or perforated steel plate as the skeleton, and both sides are bonded and compressed with asbestos and rubber.

3. All metal cylinder gasket. This type of gasket is commonly used in reinforced diesel engines. It stamps a certain height of protrusions around the cylinder holes, water holes, and oil holes that need to be sealed, and uses the elastic deformation of the protrusions to achieve sealing.

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