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Check Whether The Oil Filter of Cummins Diesel Generator is Blocked

Nov. 21, 2022

Remove the wire of Cummins diesel generator induction plug for direct grounding. At this time, if the oil pressure of Cummins diesel generator returns to normal or the oil sprays out from the oil duct, the pressure is sufficient and the finger cannot hold it, it means that the induction plug is damaged. Replace the test with a good oil pressure gauge. If the oil pressure is normal, the original oil pressure gauge of Cummins diesel generator is damaged. Check again whether the process oil plug on Cummins diesel generator is loose, whether the oil pipe is broken, whether the emergency valve is stuck, whether the oil filter is blocked, etc. Finally, check whether the oil pump of Cummins diesel generator is severely worn.

dongfeng cummins generator

During the operation of Cummins diesel generator, the indication of oil pressure gauge suddenly drops to zero from the normal value. At this time, first check whether there is oil in the oil pan of Cummins diesel generator. If there is no oil, the oil pipe is broken. Cracked or loose oil drain plug of oil pan, resulting in oil leakage. Then check whether the drive pin of Cummins diesel generator oil pump drive shaft is broken to stop the oil pump. Finally, check whether the oil filter of Cummins diesel generator is blocked by foreign matters, whether the plug of the purifying oil chamber of the connecting rod bearing of Cummins diesel generator is loose, and eliminate it in time.

When the engine is running at medium and high speeds, the indication of the oil pressure gauge rises suddenly from the normal value and exceeds the pressure limit value of the pressure limiting valve by 0.5~0.6Mpa. In addition, the oil pressure of Cummins diesel generator cannot rapidly drop to the specified value after the speed is reduced. At this time, first check whether the oil pressure gauge is damaged, that is, whether the pressure gauge is damaged, and then check whether the main oil passage behind the Cummins diesel generator gauge is blocked. Check whether the pressure limiting valve and oil return valve are stuck and cannot be opened, and check whether the orifice of the rotor type oil fine filter of Cummins diesel generator is blocked, which causes all the oil of Cummins diesel generator to enter the main oil duct through the coarse filter, causing the oil pressure of Cummins diesel generator to rise.

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