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Check The Cause Of Blue Smoke From Generator Under hot Engine Condition

Nov. 02, 2022

Yuchai diesel generator sometimes emits white smoke after cold start, but this phenomenon will disappear with the increase of operating time and the rise of water temperature. However, users will find that although the white smoke disappears, the unit continues to emit blue smoke. Blue smoke is mainly the result of lubricating oil entering the combustion chamber and being heated and vaporized into oil vapor. At this time, HC is mainly used, which is commonly known as "burning engine oil". At this time, the acceleration capacity of Yuchai diesel generator decreases, the noise becomes louder, and the cylinder wall will be worn over a long period of time, and the entire diesel generator will be damaged in serious cases. The specific cause must be found out and repaired as soon as possible. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds you that when Yuchai generator emits blue smoke, you should check the cause of the failure under the hot engine state. Usually, the causes of the blue smoke of the unit are as follows.


1. The lubricating oil level in the oil pan of the diesel generator is too high. Usually, the generator set is overfilled when adding oil. The pressure of engine oil is relatively high, and more engine oil will make the engine oil splash into the combustion chamber for combustion when the diesel generator is lubricated, thus burning engine oil will occur, and the generator set will emit blue smoke;


2. The air filter is blocked or the intake part is blocked, the mixture is too rich, and too much oil is brought into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion.


3. Due to too large cylinder clearance, too large cylinder light leakage, too large wear of piston ring groove or piston ring, too low piston ring elasticity, wrong use or reversed installation of piston ring, lubricating oil enters the combustion.


Yuchai generator

4. The intake valve and valve guide are too loosely matched, causing the lubricating oil to enter the cylinder. The tightness of the valve oil seal decreases, and the engine oil will leak from the valve oil seal to the combustion chamber for combustion, so that the engine oil will burn, and the generator set will emit blue smoke.


5. The crankcase is poorly ventilated.


6. The cylinder gasket is burnt.


7. The return oil back pressure of the turbocharger lubricating oil circuit is too high. Check whether the supercharger leaks oil, including the supercharger itself and the supercharger oil return pipeline. If the oil return pipe of supercharger oil is blocked, resulting in poor oil return, the oil will enter the intake pipe and enter the combustion chamber to emit blue smoke.


8. The viscosity grade of the oil used by the generator set does not meet the requirements of the generator set or the quality is poor. The role of the lubricating diesel generator is poor, which increases the wear of the piston ring and cylinder wall, and reduces the sealing performance. As a result, oil burning occurs, and the generator set will emit blue smoke.


In addition, if blue smoke occurs when starting Yuchai diesel generator in cold state, but with the increase of working time of the diesel generator, the temperature rises, and the blue smoke gradually disappears, it is determined that the engine oil is burned in cold, and Yuchai diesel generator emits a lot of blue smoke under any working conditions, which proves that the diesel generator has been worn seriously and overhauled.


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