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Check The Automatic Diesel Generator Set Starter Motor Not Rotate

Apr. 16, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the content of how to check the problem that the starter motor of the automatic diesel generator set does not rotate. If what else you need to know about the point, welcome to visit our Stalight website and contact us. Now, we introduce the relevant information for you.

generator maintenance

There are generally two situations in which the diesel engine starting motor does not rotate: one can hear the sound of the electromagnetic switch pulling in, but the starting motor does not rotate. The reason may be insufficient battery power, poor contact of the starter circuit or failure of the starter motor itself. The other is that the electromagnetic switch does not pull in, and the starter motor does not rotate. In addition to the above reasons, this may also be related to the failure of the start switch circuit, the electromagnetic switch or the DC motor. The inspection and judgment method of the automatic diesel generator set is as follows:

Check the battery terminals, starting lines, DC motor brush parts and electromagnetic switches and other components, and whether there is smoke, abnormal heat and noise when starting the diesel engine. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, focus on checking the part. Check if the start fuse is blown. Check whether the joints of the starting circuit are fastened, such as the battery terminal, the electromagnetic switch terminal and the start switch terminal.

Use the DC voltage range of a multimeter to check the voltage drop of the battery before and during the start of the diesel engine. If the voltage measured before starting is less than 12.5V, it means that the battery has insufficient power. If the measured voltage is greater than 12.5V, and the voltage at startup falls below 1.5V, it means that the battery is insufficiently charged. Check the starter circuit for faults. Use a screwdriver to short-circuit the battery terminal and switch terminal of the electromagnetic switch. If the electromagnetic switch is closed after the short circuit and the starter runs normally, it means that the starting circuit other than the electromagnetic switch is faulty, such as poor contact of the start key switch or the start button, Poor wiring connections, etc. If the electromagnetic switch still does not close after the short circuit, it means that there may be an open circuit fault inside the electromagnetic switch or the starter.

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