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Check and Adjustment of Diesel Generator Gas Distribution Timing

May. 12, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the inspection and adjustment of diesel generator gas timing.

After the diesel generator is assembled, it is necessary to check and adjust the valve opening and closing time, that is, the valve timing. The inspection of the valve timing should be carried out after the valve clearance inspection and adjustment, and should be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the technical manual carried along with it.

generator maintenance

During inspection, a 360° dial should be installed on the front end of the crankshaft, and an adjustable pointer should be installed on the front cover, and then the crankshaft should be rotated so that the pointer on the inspection hole of the flywheel housing aligns with the "0" on the flywheel tick mark, as shown in Figure 4-8. At this time, adjust the pointer on the front cover to align with the "0" scale line on the dial, and fix it. Install a dial indicator on the cylinder head, put the contact of the dial indicator against the upper seat of the intake valve or exhaust valve spring to be checked, and then turn the crankshaft according to the direction indicated by the steering arrow on the dial checking. At the moment when the pointer of the dial indicator begins to swing, that is, when the valve starts to open, the angle indicated by the pointer on the dial is the starting angle of the valve opening. Then, continue to rotate the crankshaft, and the valve starts to close after the maximum opening. At the moment when the pointer of the dial indicator swings to not moving, it means that the valve is closed. At this time, the angle indicated by the pointer on the dial is the valve closing angle. From the opening of the valve to the closing of the valve, the angle that the crankshaft rotates is called the opening duration angle of the valve.

The valve timing of diesel generators can also be checked by rotating the push rod method, that is, the valve push rod is gently twisted by hand, and the crankshaft is turned to rotate the crankshaft at the same time. When the push rod cannot be twisted by hand, the valve is opened, and the scale pointed by the pointer is the opening angle of the valve. Continue to turn the curved uranium, when the reporting rod can not be turned to can be turned by hand, it means that the valve is closed, and the scale pointed by the pointer is the closing angle of the valve. When checking the valve timing, generally only the valve of the first cylinder is checked, and the other spare cylinders are guaranteed by the camshaft. The inspection results of the valve timing should meet the technical requirements specified in the diesel engine operating instructions, and the maximum error should not exceed plus or minus 5. If the valve timing exceeds plus or minus 5, check whether the installation position of the cam and the transmission gear and the matching clearance of the gear meet the requirements. If it does not meet the technical requirements, the installation position of the camshaft transmission gear should be readjusted or the individual gears with serious wear should be replaced.

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