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Characteristics and Functions of Diesel Generator Oil Filters

Jun. 20, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the characteristics and functions of diesel generator oil filters.

In the diesel generator lubricating system, several filters with different filtration capacities are installed - the collector filter and the fine filter, which are connected in parallel and in series with the main oil passage respectively, so the filter can be divided into full flow. The full-flow filter, that is, the primary filter, is connected in series with the main oil passage, so all the engine oil passes through it. It can filter out impurities with large particle size (diameter above 0.1mm) in the oil, and the filter element is paper. In order to prevent the oil from being cut off due to the blockage of the rough filter, a bypass valve is installed at the head of the rough filter. Once the bypass valve of the rough filter is blocked, it can be opened, so that the unfiltered oil can be input into the main oil passage to ensure the room Lubricate all parts of the area.

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The air flow filter is a fine filter. The fine filter can filter out the direct fine impurities above 0.001mm. It is connected in parallel with the main oil channel, and the filter element is also paper. After the oil is filtered by the fine filter, it returns to the low oil shell. Since a part of the oil is always filtered through the fine filter during the working process of the engine, the overall filtering effect is improved and the service life of the oil is prolonged.

Remind everyone: The full-flow filter must be used together with the split-flow filter, and the split-flow filter cannot be used instead of the full-flow filter.

The full-flow oil filter used in KTTA diesel engine consists of a filter seat and a filter element. There are three types of filter holders: full flow oil filter holder; bypass type filter holder; combined filter holder. There are two types of filter seats: aluminum and cast iron: the old K38 type uses an aluminum filter seat; the new K38 and K50 types use a cast iron filter seat.

Full-flow oil filter seat, all the oil flows from the cooler to the full-flow oil filter seat, through the filter element to the main oil passage of the diesel engine. Bypass oil filter seat, only part of the oil is left to the bypass filter seat and filter element. The combined oil filter seat contains a full flow filter element and a bypass filter element.

The composition of the full-flow oil filter seat consists of a pressure regulating valve, a filter bypass valve and a piston cooling valve; A pressure regulating valve - maintains the correct oil pressure in the main oil passage of the diesel, and removes unnecessary oil in the main oil passage. Oil returns to the oil gallery; Bypass valve - when there is too much resistance in the oil filter. Bypass the oil to avoid damage to the diesel engine due to lack of oil when the filter element is blocked; Piston cooling valve - controls the oil to only flow to the side of the diesel engine with the filter seat. The piston cooling oil passage has a separate piston cooling valve, which controls the flow of oil to the piston cooling outlet on the opposite side of the filter seat.

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