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Causes of Non Circulation of Coolant in 250kw Deutz Generator

Oct. 23, 2019

We know that some users meet the problem of generator coolant not circulating. Let us take 250kw Deutz diesel generator as an example. What causes its coolant not to circulate? How to resolve it? Starlight manufacturer is based on many years of experience of production, sales and service to share with you today.


During the operation and use of the 250kw Deutz generator set, the coolant keeps circulating to cool the temperature rise of the Deutz diesel generator set. If the coolant in the cooling system of the genset fails to circulate, the temperature of the cylinder and oil will rise rapidly, which will cause the generator set to stop suddenly and directly affect the use safety of the generator set.

Deutz diesel generator

Here is the causes of coolant non circulation.

A.Heat sink of radiator is blocked or damaged. The radiator will be rusted and leaking when it is used for a long time, then the radiator causes the coolant temperature to rise all the time.

B.There is fault in thermostat. The thermostat is installed in the combustion chamber. Its function is to control the temperature in the combustion chamber. If thermostat has faults, the coolant can not maintain the circulating temperature, and even a low temperature alarm will occur.

C.The coolant level is too low or not as specified. If the liquid level is too low or too high, the coolant temperature will rise without circulation. Our reference standard value is 50% anti-icing fluid + 50% softened water + DCA4. If not within the standard, it is easy to produce rust, which leads to the failure of normal circulation of the coolant, and a series of problems occur in the coolant.

D.There is air in cooling system. This will cause pipeline blocked. Suction valve on expansion tank and damaged exhaust valve also effect circulation of coolant. Suction pressure is 10KPA, discharge pressure is 40kpa. It should be noted that the problem of unblocked exhaust pipe is also one of the important reasons affecting the circulation.

E.There is fault in water pump of the generator set. Check the water pump, if find that the gear shaft of water pump drive is seriously worn, indicating the water pump is useless. We need to replace it in time, so that cooling system can be normal.


In a word, as long as we can know the causes, we will resolve the problem easily, and 250kw Deutz diesel generator will work normally.


To avoid coolant circulation system failure, we need to pay attention to some points.

When the engine of diesel generator is working, the water surface level in the radiator will gradually decrease due to the continuous evaporation of water in the radiator. Therefore, the water surface level in the radiator should be checked before the engine is started and for a long time. If water level is lower than the drain pipe, clean soft water should be added. If it is hard water, it should be softened first. ( Can not use hard water).

When the diesel generator is used under 0 ℃ ambient condition , the coolant shall be strictly prevented from freezing to prevent the parts from cracking. Therefore, after diesel genset operate over, we should drain coolant. For genset with closed cycle cooling system, appropriate freezing point antifreeze coolant can be used according to the local minimum ambient temperature. Commonly used coolants include ethylene glycol with water and alcohol, glycerin with water.


When using inflammable antifreeze coolant, because glycol, alcohol and glycerin are inflammables, attention should be paid to fire prevention. Before using antifreeze coolant for diesel engine, the dirt in its cooling system shall be cleaned to avoid new chemical deposits, which may affect the cooling effect. For diesel engines using antifreeze coolant, it is not necessary to drain the coolant after each stop. But It needs to be supplemented and checked regularly. Never use 100% antifreeze as coolant.


If there is too much scale and dirt in the cooling system of diesel generator, it can cleaned by cleaning liquid. The cleaning liquid can be prepared from 40g water, soda (Na2CO3) and 10g water glass (Na2SiO3). When cleaning, pour the cleaning liquid into the cooling water chamber of diesel engine, start up and operate until the outlet water temperature is more than 60 ℃, continue to operate for about 2 hours, then shut down and release cleaning liquid. After the diesel engine is cooled, wash it twice with clean fresh water, drain it and then pour it into the cooling water for start-up operation, so that the outlet water temperature reaches above 75 ℃, stop the engine and drain the sewage, and finally pour in new cooling water.

Starlight is authorized as the OEM supplier of Deutz diesel engine used on generator set in China. Starlight Deutz series diesel generators are offically licensed products. Deutz generators have air inlet return function, can well adapt to plateau and high altitude areas. Emission standard meets Euro 2 or Euro 3 standards.

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