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Causes of Metal Chips and Particles in Generator Set Lubricants

Jul. 25, 2022

Blue smoke from a new generator set is usually caused by improper use and maintenance by the generator set operator. The new generator set must have a 60h running-in period before running at full load, and the running-in period should be carried out according to the method specified in the generator set manual.

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After a period of break-in, there is a lot of metal chips and particles in the lubricating oil of the new generator set. If these metal chips and particles are not removed in time, they will affect the lubrication of moving parts. If there are metal chips and metal particles splashing between the piston rings, it will cause the generator set to pull the cylinder, resulting in grooves of different depths on the generator set cylinder liner. In severe cases, the lubricating oil will enter the combustion chamber through these grooves, causing the engine oil to burn.


The new generator set must drain the lubricating oil within 60 hours of operation, and then replace it with new lubricating oil, or drain the lubricating oil, precipitate and filter it and reuse it.

Before starting the genset, turn the flywheel of the genset with a flat head screwdriver. The flywheel of the generator set rotates twice each time to complete an oil distribution cycle. In winter, it is necessary to turn over the board more and then start the generator set.

When starting the generator set, it needs to rotate at low speed for about 5 minutes before speeding up. The 5-minute run time is mainly used for adequate lubrication of all moving parts and warm-up of the entire generator set. At the same time, observe whether there is oil pressure, if not, stop the machine immediately.

When the engine oil combustion is serious, the single-cylinder oil cut-off method can be used to judge the oil combustion cylinder. If the blue smoke in the exhaust pipe disappears after a cylinder is cut off, it proves that there is a problem with this cylinder. Remove the cylinder head and piston connecting rod assembly, observe the damage degree of the cylinder liner and piston ring, and replace it when the damage is serious.

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