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Causes of Damage to Diesel Generator Accessories

Mar. 14, 2022

During the normal use of diesel generators, repairs and maintenance are often required due to the damage of some accessories to ensure the normal operation of diesel generators. As a diesel generator manufacturer, we would like to give our customers a piece of advice. Sometimes there is no need to wait until the diesel generator can not work before thinking of replacing these accessories. It can be based on a maintenance cycle given by the diesel generator manufacturer. I judge whether it is necessary to replace some wearing parts in advance. Avoid when you need to use a diesel generator, suddenly it can't work, causing your own losses. So how did these accessories get damaged?

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1. Deformation of diesel generator set parts themselves. Because when the diesel generator is used, it will cause some parts to deform due to the force. In particular, some basic parts such as cylinder block and cylinder head will seriously shorten the service life of diesel generators when they are deformed, so we can replace these basic parts in advance. If the customer cannot grasp the replacement time, he can consult the diesel generator manufacturer.

2. A mechanical wear between diesel generator parts. During the use of diesel generators, some parts will conflict with each other, and this conflict will cause damage to the appearance of parts. This kind of wear and tear will eventually lead to a decrease in the performance of the diesel generator until it is damaged. Therefore, punctual inspection or replacement is also required.

3. Diesel generator parts are damaged due to metal fatigue. We all know the principle of metal fatigue. Diesel generators naturally also have metal fatigue. When the parts are repeatedly stressed, or the energy load cycle, it will lead to metal fatigue and even cracking.

4. The diesel generator is corroded and damaged. Some lubricating oils and antifreeze liquids used by diesel generators have certain corrosive effects. Perhaps diesel generators work in a corrosive environment, which will lead to the consumption of diesel generator parts for a long time. Therefore, in the process of using diesel generators, we must pay attention to the impact of the use environment on diesel generators.


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