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Causes of Cummins Generator Set Cylinder Liner Wear

Feb. 08, 2022

The cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set is one of the important components of the combustion chamber. Its main function is to form a space for the compression, combustion and expansion of the air body with the cylinder head and the piston, and to guide the reciprocating motion of the piston. When the diesel engine is running, the cylinder liner also transfers part of the heat to the cooling water or air, so as to realize the normal operation of the combustion chamber components in the high temperature and high pressure environment.

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Cummins generator set cylinder liners need to be kept clean during use. It is forbidden to work without an air filter. In addition, it is necessary to strictly prohibit overload operation, maintain a good cooling state, and regularly dismantle and inspect the cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set. However, the different devices we use wear out over time.

So what is the reason for the wear of the cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set?

1. Wrong brand oil: As a result, the cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set is severely worn.

2. Inferior diesel: serious coking after combustion, serious wear of cylinder liner.

3. Filter failure: It should be noted that the air filter is broken, and the air is short-circuited into the cylinder without filtering. As the dust and impurities in the air enter the cylinder, the wear of the cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set is aggravated.

4. The quality and assembly of the cylinder liner of the Cummins generator set need to be matched.

5. Operation problems: When starting from cold, it should be noted that in winter, due to high oil viscosity, poor fluidity, and insufficient oil supply from the oil pump, and at the same time after the Cummins generator set on the original cylinder wall is stopped, the oil flows down along the cylinder wall, so that the The cylinder wall is severely worn.

6. Driving at low temperature: Due to the low temperature, good lubrication cannot be maintained, which increases the wear of the cylinder!

In addition, after the cylinder liner assembly of Cummins generator set has passed the measurement and inspection, first install the copper sealing washer or aluminum washer under the upper shoulder of the cylinder liner, install the rubber water sealing ring in the lower annular groove, and then apply a layer of oil on the sealing ring , and use a tool or a horizontal plate to press the cylinder liner into the body.

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