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Causes and Elimination Methods of Idle Vibration in Diesel Generators

Oct. 24, 2023

When the diesel generator we use lacks power, fuel consumption increases. The causes of severe shaking during idle operation of the engine were discussed, and the cleaning methods for poor operation of a single cylinder of the engine were discussed. The detection methods for cylinder pressure were introduced in detail, and the detection effect was analyzed to identify the defective parts, which has certain guiding significance for repair work. There are several common reasons for diesel engine idle shaking:

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1. The fuel injector nozzle of a certain cylinder of the diesel generator engine is stuck or has poor atomization, which constitutes that the cylinder is not operating or has poor operation (the exhaust will emit blue and white smoke). Can be checked using the cylinder cut-off method.

2. The uneven idle fuel supply of the fuel injection pump constitutes uneven operation of each cylinder at idle speed.

3. Improper idle adjustment (low speed) can be addressed by adjusting the idle fuel supply screw.

4. Improper valve clearance (loose or abnormal wear of adjusting screws, abnormal wear of valve push rods, etc.) can result in the cylinder not operating or not performing properly. It can be processed by adjusting the valve vacancy.

5. The valve seal is not tight, which constitutes poor operation.

6. The high temperature of the engine or insufficient oil (which constitutes poor lubrication) make it difficult to operate the components.

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