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Carbon Brush Replacement Guide for Generators

Mar. 29, 2023

Carbon brushes are components in a generator that provide energy and signal transmission for fixed and rotating parts. Recently, a user reported to us that the sound of the generator appeared abnormal shortly after it was running. According to our suggestions, the user conducted an inspection and found that the carbon brush was damaged. Next, Starlight will explain how to replace carbon brushes.

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1. Before replacing the carbon brush for the generator, the following tools and instruments should be prepared: insulating gloves, screwdriver, special wrench, alcohol, abrasive paper, brush, white cloth, and flashlight.

2. Experienced personnel should be assigned for operation. When installing and removing the generator brush holder and replacing the generator carbon brush, the operation monitoring system must be strictly implemented

3. When standing on an insulating mat during work, the operator should fasten the cuffs and place the braids in the cap to prevent clothing and wiping materials from being caught by the rotating parts.

4. When replacing the carbon brush, make sure its model is consistent with the old carbon brush.

5. The replacement of carbon brushes should be carried out one by one, and it is strictly prohibited to replace two or more carbon brushes at the same time. When replacing, first use a special wrench to loosen the brush fastening screws. When loosening the fastening screws, it is not advisable to loosen them excessively to prevent them from falling off; Remove the carbon brush braid; Then remove the carbon brush and equalizing spring simultaneously. When installing a carbon brush, first place the carbon brush in the brush holder; Press the equalizing spring well; Tighten the brush braid fastening screws with a special wrench. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws to prevent damage to the screws; Check that the carbon brush moves freely in the brush holder, the spring should be pressed against the center of the carbon brush, and the pressure is normal. Check that the carbon brush of the generator operates normally.

Starlight reminds everyone that you should pay attention to checking the wear level of the generator carbon brush at ordinary times. If the wear has reached the limit line, that is, the short side is 15mm, then it is necessary to replace the carbon brush with a new one. The quality of the replaced carbon brush should not be too poor and the particles should not be hard, otherwise it will cause scratches on the surface of the slip ring and the carbon brush is more prone to wear.

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