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Can Diesel Generators be Maintained on Standby?

May. 19, 2022

Nowadays, there are many types and brands of diesel generators, and they are all machines that are professionally produced and tested by relevant departments. It is generally divided into two parts: common and standby. Can the diesel generator be repaired when it is in standby? Many people may not know that diesel generators in standby conditions also need to be repaired. If they are not maintained and repaired for a long time, they may cause failures. For the maintenance methods, let's see the following introduction.

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1. Start the battery

In the maintenance process of diesel generators, a more important step is to start the battery and check whether the power in the battery is sufficient. If the battery has not been maintained and managed for a long time, the normal electrolyte cannot be replenished. The battery will decrease after time. In addition, if the charger is used, it needs to be uniformly charged on a regular basis. If there is no reverse charging, the power of the battery will not meet the requirements, so it is necessary to perform regular inspections.

2. To replace the three filters

Many people may be more curious, why do they need to replace the chlorine gas when they are not using diesel generators, but only in a standby state? The power in the diesel generator is mainly to filter the diesel oil, oil and water, and it is often replaced to prevent impurities from entering the body, resulting in pollution and impurities in the diesel.

3. Do a good job of lubricating system and sealing

Some lubricating oils or greases will rust due to wear and tear due to their chemical properties, which will not only affect the normal lubrication effect, but also easily damage the parts. Therefore, even if the diesel generator is in standby state, the lubricating oil should be replaced in time, and the lubricating system should be checked, otherwise the aging will reduce the sealing performance with the passage of time.

Diesel generators have been widely used in life, and maintenance issues are very important. In addition, diesel generators in standby state should also be regularly maintained like diesel generators in use. The maintenance method has been introduced to you above. If there is anything you don't understand, you can find a special staff for communication.

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