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Basic Operation for Repairing Tapping Thread of Tongchai Diesel Generator

Nov. 04, 2022

In the maintenance of Tongchai diesel generator, it is sometimes necessary to tap the threads of Tongchai diesel generator. The internal thread of the workpiece machined with a tap is called the tapping thread, and the external thread of the workpiece machined with a plate tooth or thread cutting head is called the sleeve thread. The H shape should be raised when determining the diameter of the bottom hole before thread tapping. The greater the plasticity of the material, the greater the degree of extrusion. If there is not enough clearance between the top of the thread cone and the root of the taper cutter tooth of Tongchai diesel generator, the tap will be rolled. Therefore, the diameter of the bottom hole before tapping must be greater than the thread diameter specified in the Tongchai diesel generator thread standard. The diameter of the bottom hole should be considered according to the plastic size of the workpiece material and the expansion of the drilling hole, so that when Tongchai diesel generator is tapping the thread, there is enough space to accommodate the extruded metal, and the thread with complete tooth profile processing can be guaranteed.

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When clamping the workpiece, it is easy to determine whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the workpiece plane by placing the thread hole centerline of Tongchai diesel generator at the horizontal or vertical position. Straighten the tap as much as possible, then apply pressure to the tap and turn the hinge. When cutting into 1-2 circles, carefully observe and correct the position of the tap. According to the different quality requirements of Tongchai diesel generator screw holes, it can be directly observed with naked eyes or checked with steel ruler, angle ruler and other tools. Generally, when entering 3-4 laps, it is not suitable for obvious tilt and force correction. Thereafter, it is unnecessary to apply the rotary hinge laterally, otherwise the thread profile will be damaged.

During tapping, every 1/2-1 turn of the rotary hinge, it should be reversed for about 1/2 turn, so that the chips can be easily removed after the Tongchai diesel generator is broken, and the cutting edge can be reduced due to chip adhesion, so that the Tongchai diesel generator tap can roll. Especially when the opening is below M5, the material is hard, there are deep holes and no through holes, pay attention to frequent reverse rotation to avoid wire breakage. In the tapping process, when replacing the next tap, the tap must be turned by hand until it cannot be turned, so as to avoid damaging the threads of Tongchai diesel generator and preventing confusion of tooth shape of Tongchai diesel generator.

When attacking plastic materials, cutting fluid should be added to reduce resistance and improve the surface quality of screw holes of Tongchai diesel generator. Generally, high concentration oil and emulsifier are used. When the quality requirements are high, Tongchai diesel generator can use vegetable oil or molybdenum disulfide. During tapping, the tap and the hole should be coaxial, and the calibration part of the tap cannot be completely out, otherwise, the tooth shape will be confused when the Tongchai diesel generator is reversed and unscrewed. The cutting speed of mechanical tapping is generally 6-15m/min for steel, 8-10m/min for cast iron, 5-lom/min for quenched and tempered steel or hard steel, and 2-7m/min for stainless steel. For the same material, the tap diameter should increase within an hour and decrease within a larger hour.

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