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Bad Operating Habits of Diesel Generator Sets

May. 10, 2022

The length of service life and the failure rate of diesel generator sets are mostly caused by the usual bad operating habits.

The common bad operating habits of diesel generator sets are listed as follows:

diesel power generator

1. Diesel generator set starts running when the oil is insufficient

At this time, insufficient oil supply will cause insufficient oil supply to the surfaces of each friction pair, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient oil before the diesel generator set starts and during operation to prevent the failure of cylinder pulling and tile burning due to lack of oil.

2. Emergency shutdown with load or immediate shutdown after unloading the load suddenly

After the diesel generator set is turned off, the circulation of the cooling system water stops, the heat dissipation capacity is sharply reduced, and the heated parts lose cooling, which is easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts to overheat, resulting in cracks, or excessive expansion of the piston stuck in the cylinder liner. Inside. On the other hand, if the diesel generator set is stopped without idling to cool down, the friction surface will not contain enough oil. When the diesel generator set starts again, it will aggravate the wear due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the load should be unloaded before the diesel generator set is turned off, and the speed should be gradually reduced and run without load for a few minutes.

3. Running with load without warming up after cold start

When the diesel generator set is cold started, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of the oil, the oil supply of the oil pump is insufficient. Therefore, after the diesel generator set is cooled and started, it should be idling to heat up, and when the standby oil temperature reaches above 40 °C, it will be operated with load.

4. Pull the throttle violently after the cold start of the diesel generator set

If the throttle is slammed, the speed of the diesel generator set will increase sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the machine to be severely worn due to dry friction. In addition, the acceptance force of the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft changes greatly when the throttle is slammed, causing severe impact and easy damage to the parts.

5. Operation when the cooling water is insufficient or the temperature of the cooling water and oil is too high

Insufficient cooling water for diesel generator set will reduce its cooling effect, diesel generator set will overheat due to lack of effective cooling; too high oil temperature of cooling water and engine oil will also cause diesel engine to overheat. At this time, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve of the diesel generator set are mainly subjected to a large thermal load, and their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness drop sharply, which increases the deformation of the parts, reduces the matching gap between the parts, and accelerates the wear of the parts. , In severe cases, cracks and mechanical jamming will occur. Overheating of the diesel generator set will also deteriorate the combustion process of the engine, causing the injector to malfunction, poor atomization, and increased carbon deposition.

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