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AVR Principle of Automatic Voltage Regulator for Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 21, 2022

There are still some things you don't know about the automatic voltage regulator AVR. Here we introduce the relevant content. The diesel generator set voltage (no-load voltage, full load voltage, voltage drop after load) is managed by the equipment called automatic voltage regulator AVR.

generator maintenance

The AVR device of the automatic voltage regulator of the diesel generator set has been adjusted when the diesel generator set leaves the factory, but if the output voltage is abnormal during operation, problems will often occur. Its internal electronic components and potentiometers are used to adjust components, but the structure is complex, and non professionals can not deliberately adjust, so it needs to be sent to the professional. Repair or adjustment of Guangxi Tingbo Electric Power, the manufacturer of diesel generator sets.

The automatic voltage regulator is a full control system formed by the automatic voltage regulator, the exciter and the synchronous diesel generator set. The automatic voltage regulator uses the working parameters (voltage, current, power factor, etc.) of the diesel generator set as the feedback control signal, and adjusts the excitation current to maintain the terminal voltage as the given value. The automatic power distribution between parallel units is realized, and the stability of the units is improved.

The automatic voltage regulator AVR of diesel generator set is composed of two parts: basic regulator and auxiliary device. The former includes comprehensive amplification of voltage measurement and comparative voltage regulation, power amplification and reactive power compensation, while the latter includes excitation system stabilizer, minimum excitation system limiter, overexcitation limiter, voltage/Hz protection and power system stabilizer.

Working principle of automatic voltage regulator AVR of diesel generator set: AVR consists of basic regulator and auxiliary device. The former includes voltage measurement and comparison, voltage setting, comprehensive amplification, power amplification and reactive power compensation; The latter includes the stability of the excitation system. It includes minimum excitation limiter, overexcitation limiter, V/H protection and power system stabilizer.

The above is the AVR principle of automatic pressure regulator for diesel generator set introduced by Starlight. If you have anything to know about diesel generator set, please come to our Starlight website.

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