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Assembly of Fasteners for Diesel Generator Sets 2

Aug. 30, 2022

Now, we are continue to introduce the precautions for assembling important fasteners on diesel engines.

diesel engine generator

5. Counterweight bolts. When installing the balance block bolts, they should be tightened gradually to the specified torque in several steps. The balance block should be installed in place, otherwise the balance will be lost.

6. Rocker arm seat nut. For the rocker arm seat nut, it should be regularly checked in conjunction with the maintenance of the diesel generator during use. If the rocker arm seat nut is loose, the valve clearance will increase, the valve opening will be delayed, the valve closing time will be shortened, and the duration of the valve opening will be shortened, resulting in insufficient air supply of the diesel engine, unclean exhaust, reduced power, and increased fuel consumption.

7. Injector lock nut. When installing the injector, its lock nut should be tightened to the specified torque. At the same time, it is best to repeatedly tighten several times, not one time. If the injector lock nut is tightened too much, it will cause the deformation of the lock nut, and it is easy to cause the needle valve to be stuck. Fuel consumption increases.

8. The oil outlet valve is tightly seated. When installing the tight seat of the oil outlet valve of the fuel injection pump, it should also be carried out according to the specified torque. If the oil outlet valve seat is tightened too tightly, the plunger sleeve will be deformed, the plunger will be blocked in the sleeve, and the early wear of the plunger pair will be caused, the sealing performance will be reduced, and the power will be insufficient. if the oil outlet valve If the tight seat is too loose, the fuel injection pump will leak oil, the oil pressure cannot be established, the fuel supply time will lag, and the fuel supply will be reduced, which will seriously affect the engine performance.

9. Injector pressure plate nut. When installing the fuel injector assembly on the cylinder head of the diesel engine, in addition to paying attention to removing dirt such as carbon deposits in the mounting seat of the fuel injector assembly, the pressure plate of the fuel injector assembly should not be installed backwards, and the thickness of the steel pad should be appropriate and cannot be missed, and also pay attention to the tightening torque of the fuel injector assembly pressure plate nut. If the tightening torque of the pressure plate nut is too large, the valve body of the injector will be deformed, the fuel injector will be stuck, and the diesel engine will not work. if the tightening torque is too small, the fuel injector will leak air, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure and difficulty in starting the diesel engine, the high temperature gas will also rush out and burn out the fuel injector.

In addition, when the distribution pump sliding vane rotor and the high pressure oil pipe joint on the distribution pump casing are installed, the spring is also carried out according to the specified torque.

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