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Assembly of Fasteners for Diesel Generator Sets 1

Aug. 30, 2022

The assembly of diesel generator set fasteners sounds simple, but for some people who have just received a driver's license or a junior repairman level certificate, but still have a superficial understanding of the mechanical construction principle and maintenance knowledge. During maintenance, it often happens that the fasteners are twisted with a wrench, or the fasteners are knocked hard by hand. As a result, the installed diesel engine frequently breaks down during operation, and some even cause serious accidents. The precautions for assembling important fasteners on diesel engines are described as follows, so as to attract the attention of the majority of operators and repairers.

diesel generator set

1. Cylinder head nut. When tightening the cylinder head nut, it should be gradually tightened to the specified torque in several times, and the principle should be carried out in the middle first, then on both sides, and diagonally crossing. When dismantling the cylinder, it should also be loosened gradually in the prescribed order. If the cylinder head nut is tightened unevenly or unbalanced, it will cause the plane of the cylinder head to warp and deform. If the nut is tightened too much, the bolt will be stretched and deformed, and the body and threads will also be damaged. If the nut is not tightened enough, it will cause air leakage, water leakage and oil leakage in the cylinder, and the high temperature gas in the cylinder will also burn the cylinder gasket.

2. Flywheel nut. For example, the flywheel and crankshaft of the S195 diesel engine are connected by a conical surface and a flat key. When installing, the flywheel nut must be tightened and locked with a thrust washer. If the flywheel nut is not tightened tightly, the diesel engine will produce a knocking sound, which will damage the crankshaft conical surface, shear the keyway, and twist the crankshaft in severe cases, resulting in serious accidents. Also note that the corners of the thrust washers can only be folded once.

3. Connecting rod bolts. The connecting rod bolts made of high-quality steel bear a lot of impact during work and cannot be replaced by ordinary bolts. When tightening, the torque should be uniform, and the two connecting rod bolts should be gradually tightened to the specified torque several times in turn, and finally locked with galvanized iron wire. If the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolts is too large, the bolts will be stretched and deformed or even broken, resulting in a ramming accident. if the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolts is too small, the clearance of the bearing bush will increase, and knocking noise and impact load will be generated during operation, and even occur Accidents of burning tile holding shaft and connecting rod bolt breakage.

4. Main bearing bolts. The installation accuracy of the main bearing should be ensured and not loose. When tightening the main bearing bolts (for the fully supported four-cylinder crankshaft), the 5 main bearings should be tightened evenly in 2 to 3 times in the order of the middle first, then 2, 4, and then 1 and 5. moment. Check whether the crankshaft rotates normally after each tightening. The harm caused by too large or too small tightening torque of main bearing bolts is basically the same as the harm caused by too large or too small tightening torque of connecting rod bolts.

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