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Application and Maintenance of Diesel Generator Sets Air Filter Part 2

Mar. 23, 2022

Continue the last article. Excessive oil level: When filling the oil pan oil in the diesel generator set, some users intentionally fill the oil level too high, thinking that the more the better, but it is not true, the high oil level will block the upper and lower empty space. If it is not smooth, it is difficult to ensure its brand friend and vacuuming effect. In addition, if the oil is refilled too much, the strong airflow will be sucked into the cylinder, and the fuel will be burned away, which is not only wasteful but also affects the working performance of the diesel engine. The correct way is to add air filter oil to the lower tray protrusion.

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Air filter with dry-installed upper and lower filters: When the user maintains the upper and lower metal filters of the air filter, after cleaning them with oil, they are directly installed into the filter housing. This is a wrong behaviour. The correct maintenance method is: after cleaning and drying the filter, put it into the oil, remove it in time, drip off the excess oil, and then put it back in its original place. Note: When working under the condition that the ambient temperature is too high, the wet filter must be mixed with 85%-90% oil and 10%-5% calcium-based grease to better increase the filtering effect.

Do not add oil to the dust collecting tray: There is a dust collecting tray at the bottom of the air filter of the 4115 diesel engine that is connected to its shell. Some users do not know that it is for dust collection, and mistakenly think that adding some oil in it can improve the filtering effect. In fact, it is not. Due to the vibration of the machine and the effect of air turbulence, the oil will splash on the inner wall of the cyclone dust removal pipe and the central small pipe, which will affect the filtering effect, so do not add oil to the dust collection tray.

The filter is disrepaired and installed incorrectly: some users do not pay attention to the regular maintenance of the filter, and the filter is too dirty. The net is also blocked by more than half, which greatly increases the air intake resistance. Some filters are installed incorrectly, some are installed with the corrugations, and some are crossed down. The correct installation method is: the corrugations of the two adjacent filter screens of the air filter should cross, and the crosses should be aligned up and down and upward.

The dust collection cup is full of dirt: the dust collection cup of the air filter is not poured in time, and some original cups are damaged and replaced with metal cups, so that the amount of dust cannot be observed from the outside. When the accelerator is increased, the dust in the dust collecting cup is sucked into the air intake, which makes the oil in the disc thicken in the early stage, and the filter screen is too dirty, which increases the air intake resistance and accelerates the wear of the parts.

To sum up, the diesel generator set air filter is installed in front of the carburetor or the intake pipe to filter out dust and sand particles in the air, so as to ensure that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder. Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to start the diesel engine without an air filter, otherwise the service life of the diesel engine will be shortened. The damage to the diesel engine is very serious, and the air filter should be used and maintained in strict accordance with the technical requirements.

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