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Analysis of Diesel Generators Fuel Tank Air Resistance Failure

Feb. 15, 2022

Diesel generator fuel tank is an indispensable and important auxiliary configuration of the unit. Due to its relatively simple technology, it is often despised. It is not only prone to safety hazards, but also affects the normal operation of diesel generators to a certain extent. The diesel generator fuel tank has a fault called the fuel tank air resistance. What is the cause? How to solve the failure?

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What is diesel generator fuel tank air resistance? The sealing cover on the fuel tank of the unit has the functions of preventing dust from being polluted, as well as preventing fuel overflow and exhaust, so that the superheated oil steam and air can enter and exit at will. If the vent hole on the sealing cap is blocked, or the sealing cap on the fuel tank is lost and the customer plugs it up with other materials, it will cause air resistance in the fuel tank, resulting in the difficulty of sucking the oil provided by the oil pipe, and even the flow of oil cannot flow. Diesel generator shuts down due to leaking oil.

The maintenance and prevention method of fuel tank air resistance is: clean the vent hole, replace the sealing cover in time, and install the new part. When necessary, replace piston rings, cylinder liners and pistons to reduce exhaust emissions and crankcase ventilation. Is there a standard for the height of the specific location of the diesel generator fuel tank?

1. Exceeding the oil inlet: convenient oil intake, reducing the time for the diesel generator to start and exhaust air;

2. Lower than the fuel injection nozzle: prevent the oil return pipe from flowing backwards and produce oil hammer. If your fuel return pipe has a one-way valve, it can exceed 1.5 meters;

3. The volume of the fuel tank can reach full load for 8 hours;

4. It is strictly forbidden to use galvanized material to provide oil pipelines and containers.

The above 1 and 2 are the standards for the mechanical protection of diesel generators, 3 is the mandatory fire safety regulations (hard standards, otherwise the fire protection filing cannot pass the customs), 4 is that diesel and galvanized things will have a chemical reaction, diesel generator manufacturer Xingguang Power Generation The fuel tank design scheme of the equipment can meet the above 4 points.

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