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Analyze The Collision Sound on The Cylinder of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 17, 2021

Analyze how the collision sound is formed on the cylinder of the diesel generator set. The upper part of the cylinder can clearly hear the crisp impact piston hitting the cylinder. During engine operation, the root cause of this failure is that the fuel injection advance angle of the diesel generator set is too small. The combustion of the formed and mixed gas can be normal. There must be some diesel injection timing. If the injection timing is too small, the air is injected into the combustion cylinder formed in the combustible gas, so that the unstable combustion of the piston improves the sound and the cylinder wall contacts. When a lateral offset collision occurs, the cylinder tap knocks.

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When the load of the diesel generator set changes suddenly, a muffled noise can be heard near the body. This is mainly caused by the abnormal friction between the crankshaft connecting rod journal and the connecting rod bushing. The main reason is that the gap between the connecting rod journal and the connecting rod bushing is too large, causing local runout. The sound generation mechanism and maintenance method are exactly the same as those of the main shaft and main bearing. You can clearly hear a whistling sound on the diesel engine hood of the diesel generator.

A silent and strong impact sound can be heard over the entire length of the diesel engine cylinder, especially when the diesel engine runs at low speed or when the speed changes suddenly. This phenomenon is mainly caused by excessive wear between the piston and the cylinder, which makes the gap between the piston and the cylinder too large. When the piston moves up and down, the piston produces a lateral "497" in the cylinder and swing, which intensifies wear and makes a silent friction sound when it comes into contact with the cylinder wall. After this phenomenon, professionals and technicians should be found to identify the cylinder liner and piston, and if necessary, replace the piston or cylinder liner with a new one.

The main reason is that when the gap between the sound and the piston ring groove is too large, the impact of the piston ring and the piston that runs vertically to produce the similar sound of striking with a hammer. After this happens, the diesel generator set should be stopped immediately and the new piston ring replaced. A collision sound can be heard on the upper part of the cylinder. This kind of sound will reduce the valve clearance and increase the impact sound. The main reason for this sound is that the valve and the piston collide with each other. The main reason for this phenomenon is improper valve clearance. When the piston reaches the top dead center, the valve and the piston will collide strongly at high speed. At this time, the power of the diesel generator set is insufficient, and the mechanical load resistance is significantly reduced.

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