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Analysis on Low Water Temperature of Diesel Generator Sets

Feb. 23, 2022

The radiator or expansion tank of the diesel generator set has violent water and steam overflow. From this phenomenon, it is generally caused by the damage of the cylinder head gasket near the water jacket hole of the cylinder, which makes the combustion chamber communicate with the water channel. When the piston compresses upward or the combustion explodes, the high-pressure gas in the cylinder escapes into the water channel from the damaged part of the cylinder gasket, causing a large amount of water and gas to overflow from the overflow pipe of the water filler cover and the vent valve. In severe cases, water is sucked into the cylinder with the intake stroke, causing the engine to stop working. Of course, the coolant will be reduced accordingly.

genset generator

Cause of issue:

1. The cylinder head of the diesel generator is not flat, the tightening torque of the cylinder head bolts is insufficient, or the used bolts have been stretched and deformed and the cylinder head gasket cannot be pressed.

2. There are defects such as trachoma and cavitation in the water channel adjacent to the cylinder block or cylinder head and the combustion chamber, resulting in permeability.

3. When the temperature is too high, suddenly add cold water, so that the water channel of the cylinder block or cylinder head is chilled and cracked, causing high-pressure gas to break into the water channel.

Diagnosis and treatment methods:

1. "Turn the water" is not affected by the engine temperature. Even if the water temperature is not high, the coolant in the expansion tank or the radiator will violently churn and the water vapor will overflow.

2. With the increase of engine speed, the phenomenon of "turning the water" intensifies, but this phenomenon does not exist in "boiling the pot".

3. "Turn over" is accompanied by a large reduction in coolant.

4. When the "water overturning" is serious, water enters the cylinder, causing white smoke to be discharged from the exhaust pipe. What's more, there is too much water in the cylinder to start after parking.

5. There are blisters, corrosion holes, etc. in the exhaust chamber of the air compressor cylinder head and the water jacket, which will also cause the compressed gas to enter the water jacket and cause "turning water".

6. When "turning water" occurs, firstly check whether there is air leakage or water leakage in the cylinder head of the air compressor.

7. If there is no fault in the air compressor, the oil-cutting method can be used to judge whether the cylinder head gasket is damaged. When this inspection is performed, the water tank cover should be opened to observe. When the broken oil cylinder does not work, the water tank will stop turning over and the white smoke from the exhaust pipe will also improve, indicating that the cylinder head gasket of the cylinder is damaged, and it should be repaired in time and the cylinder should be replaced. pad.

8. If there is no damage and no signs of air leakage when checking the cylinder head gasket, look for blisters and cavitation holes, and repair them if any.

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