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Analysis of Oil Level Rise in Oil Pan of Silent Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 11, 2022

During the use of the silent diesel generator set, sometimes the lubricating oil does not decrease. This condition apparently mixes with other fluids in the lubricating oil. When this happens, stop the inspection immediately and perform a complete overhaul. Otherwise, it will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also cause serious mechanical failures.


The main reasons for the rise of the oil sump liquid level of the silent diesel generator set are: water in the oil sump, cylinder, body deformation or cracks; wet cylinder liner perforation; jacket water blocking ring damage; oil radiator damage; cylinder gasket damage; water pump Damage to the sealing water ring, etc.

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Cracks or deformation of cylinder block or cylinder head: mainly due to improper use and maintenance, such as: long-term high-load operation, excessive thermal load and thermal stress, sudden addition of a large amount of cold water to the diesel engine when high temperature and water shortage; and man-made damage during handling; accidental damage and cracks.


Wet cylinder liner perforation: mainly due to the direct contact between the cylinder liner and the cooling water of the diesel engine to dissipate heat, the cooling water washes the outer surface of the cylinder liner during the circulation process, and cavitation and cavitation are formed on the outer surface of the cylinder liner. Over a long period of time, cavitation and cavitation corrosion will form on the outer surface of the cylinder liner. Over time, this can make the jacket appear to be more densely cratered under the water, seriously perforating the jacket and allowing the cooling water from the diesel engine to enter the oil pan.

The main reason for the damage of the water stop ring of the cylinder liner is that when the cylinder liner is installed, the center line of the cylinder liner is not perpendicular to the end face of the support hole of the cylinder liner, and the water stop ring is excessively bitten. Because the engine was running under the condition of water shortage, the temperature of the cylinder liner was too high, which damaged the water blocking ring, causing the cooling water to leak into the oil pan.

Oil radiator damage: The radiator core is composed of a row of copper tubes, the coolant flows in the radiator core, the diesel oil circulates outside the tube, and the high-temperature oil is cooled by the coolant during the flow process to ensure a certain oil temperature. When the copper tube of the radiator breaks or the seals at both ends of the radiator core fail, the coolant can enter the oil pan of the diesel engine through the oil circuit. Or because the water level of the water tank is higher than the oil radiator, under the action of the formation pressure of the height difference, it will pass through the oil passage of the cooling water radiator pipe to the diesel oil sump. In addition, if the seal between the ends of the radiator core and the radiator shell fails, cooling water may also enter the oil pan.

Air cushion damage: If the engine is abnormally overheated, it will lead to the ablation, damage and leakage of the cylinder head gasket. If the cylinder head gasket is not assembled smoothly or the assembly direction is incorrect, the cylinder head gasket will also be damaged and leaked. In addition, there are also phenomena such as mixing of cylinder head gasket with cylinder head and cylinder block, poor sealing of cylinder head, water leakage, etc., which destroys the operation and lubrication of the cylinder, flows into the oil pan, causes oil emulsification, and affects the lubricating performance of the engine.

Damage to the pump seal: When the pump seal is damaged, water usually flows out of the overflow hole. If the overflow hole is blocked by sludge or debris, water will flow along the pump shaft into the front gearbox of the engine and into the oil pan. Therefore, the overflow hole of the mud pump is often found to be leaking and the water ring should be replaced in time.

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