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Advantages of Yuchai Diesel Engine 6K Series T3 Product-Oil Saving

Nov. 30, 2023

The Yuchai diesel engine 6K series T3 product has high fuel efficiency, with a minimum specific fuel consumption of 185g/kW. h. Its economic region is less than 190g/kW. h, accounting for half of the commonly used regions; The engine's accessories themselves reduce losses by more than 20%, maximizing efficiency and possessing efficient energy management characteristics. So how did it do it, and what is its technical implementation?

Yuchai diesel generator

Implementation Technology 1: Performance Structure Joint Development Technology: Economic optimization based on the structural characteristics of the diesel engine.

1) Counterflow cooling technology can keep the engine operating at higher combustion temperatures, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

2) Matching specialized turbochargers with different horsepower ranges for better fuel efficiency.

3) GPT material improvement technology reduces the clearance between piston rings and cylinder by 50%, and reduces air leakage by 30%.

Implementation Technology 2: Thermal Management Technology: Thermal management technology tailored to the characteristics of the engine, effectively improving efficiency.

1) By combining the characteristics of the countercurrent waterway, the engine can operate stably in the optimal area and effectively improve combustion efficiency.

2) A higher normal operating temperature of the engine can effectively reduce fan consumption and accessory losses.

3) The integrated oil water cooling module can maximize heat utilization and reduce energy loss.

Implementation technology three: Efficient and fuel-efficient manufacturing control technology: Developing excellent economic performance of products requires strict manufacturing control technology to be reflected in the final product.

1) Eddy current control: 100% cylinder head eddy current ratio measurement, necessary adjustment to ensure consistent eddy current ratio. The only manufacturer in the country that conducts online testing of fuel injection pump pressure and fuel injector flow, ensuring consistent fuel supply.

2) The protrusion height of the fuel injector is 100% detected and adjusted to ensure the optimal combination of fuel and air.

3) Complete testing of the valve timing mechanism to ensure that all engine valve timing phases are completely consistent.

4) Measurement and evaluation of 100% engine boost pressure ratio, thermal efficiency, and mechanical efficiency to ensure stable and consistent performance indicators.

Implementation Technology 4: Matching Technology

1) In addition to a good engine and vehicle foundation, matching technology is also crucial for economic performance.

2) 6K has jointly carried out economic optimization activities with the entire vehicle, resulting in a fuel consumption reduction of over 15%.

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