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Advantages of Yuchai Diesel Engine 6K Series T3 Product-Durable

Nov. 30, 2023

The Yuchai diesel engine 6K series T3 product is durable and reliable, with reliability growth test and bench test B10 reaching 1.6 million kilometers. Its engine is designed for high explosive pressure based on reliability, and its core purchased parts are sourced from imported suppliers. So what technology was it implemented through? Today, the editor of Dingbo will analyze for you.

Yuchai standby genset

Implementation Technology 1: High explosive pressure design is the core factor for the durability and reliability of the body

Emission upgrades and fuel consumption control require the engine to meet higher requirements for explosive pressure resistance. 6K has the highest burst pressure margin among currently in use products in China, reaching up to 220bar.

Implementation Technology 2: Advanced structural design ensures reliable engine operation

1) Counterflow cooling technology significantly reduces the temperature of the cylinder head nose bridge area, making engine operation safer and more reliable.

2) The gantry symmetrical body ensures minimal structural deformation and high reliability.

3) Highly integrated design, with fewer assembly parts compared to traditional engines. For example: integrated intake pipe, integrated oil cooler.

4) GPT material technology reduces the cylinder clearance by half and significantly improves the overall working life.

Implementation Technology Three: Extensive Reliability Development to Ensure Excellent Durability Performance of Engines

1) Application of Aircraft Engine Reliability Technology: Originally introducing the RG reliability growth technology used by GE in aircraft engine development. Continuously improve product reliability.

2) Ultra long single item durability: The only product in China that has undergone a single 5000 hour reinforced durability test.

3) There are products with up to 600 horsepower in non automotive applications.

Implementation Technology 4: High Stability Production Control to Ensure High Reliability

1. Part control technology:

1) The core dimension control of important reliable parts is compressed to half of the domestic horizontal tolerance.

2) Regular batch performance inspection of parts to ensure the reliability of their own performance.

2. Part assembly technology:

1) The important sturdy connection adopts elongation control technology.

2) The machine automatically tightens to ensure precise torque.

3) The main sealing surface is coated with glue by automatic machines to ensure the reliability of sealing and the uniformity of glue application.

4) 100% automatic anti error and anti loosening spot painting technology.

3. Factory inspection:

1) The comprehensive functional and performance testing of each engine (such as steering pump, air compressor, generator, etc.) involves more than twice the number of testing items compared to other manufacturers, ensuring the reliable performance of all engine components.

2) The testing and three leak inspection time for each engine is three times that of other manufacturers.

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