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Adjust The Tension of Triangular Rubber Belt of Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 25, 2023

When the diesel generator set is running, the V-belt should maintain a certain tension. When the pressure of 29-49N (3-5 kgf) is added to the middle section of the V-belt, the belt should be able to compress 10-20mm. Too tight will lead to wear of bearings on the electrified diesel generator set, fan and pump, and too loose will lead to the failure of the diesel generator set drive accessories to reach the required speed, resulting in the reduction of the electrified generator voltage, fan flow and pump flow of the diesel generator set, thus affecting the normal operation of the diesel generator set, so the triangular rubber belt should be tightened regularly for inspection and adjustment.

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By changing the position of the charging generator bracket, the tension of the V-belt of the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder in-line basic diesel generator set can be adjusted. When the elasticity of the V-belt of the diesel generator set is appropriate, fix the stay rod, and tension the V-belt with adjusting screws on the wind pressure bracket. Correct use and tension of the V-belt is conducive to extending the service life of the diesel generator set with the V-belt, and the service life of the V-belt is generally not less than 3500 hours.

When delamination occurs and the elongation of the V-belt is too large to reach the required tension, the V-belt of the diesel generator set shall be replaced. When purchasing and replacing the triangular tape for diesel generator sets, it should be noted that the type and length of the new tape are the same as those of the original. If more than two V-belts of the same length are used in one group, the group with the same actual length should also be selected, otherwise the tension of each V-belt is uneven, and the diesel generator set is easy to be damaged.

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