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AC and DC Integrated De Excitation of Hydro Generator Rotor

Nov. 11, 2022

Ufr excitation power FMK excitation circuit breaker LQ generator rotor winding F generator stator RV zinc oxide varistor series de excitation mode In the excitation circuit, its representative product is the main circuit principle of DM2 automatic series de excitation mode.

diesel generator container

The magnetic switch is simple in connection, small in size, and can both cut off current and absorb energy. In this de excitation mode, FMK magnetic field switch is connected in series to small and medium-sized generators with small de excitation energy. 1 Foreword de excitation protection is the main protection of synchronous generator excitation system.

When the main transformer connected to the generator and its unit fails, it mainly completes two tasks: one is to quickly disconnect the magnetic field circuit, that is, disconnect the connection between the rotor winding of the generator and the excitation power supply, so that the power supply no longer provides energy for the rotor winding; The other is to quickly transfer and absorb the magnetic energy stored in the rotor, and temporarily limit the over-voltage at both ends of the rotor to protect the safety of the rotor.

The requirements for deexcitation protection are: safe, reliable and fast.

With the development of electric power industry, the single unit capacity of hydro generators is constantly increasing, and the excitation power, rotor winding time constant and energy storage of generators are constantly increasing, so the energy capacity of de excitation is greatly increased.

In order to improve the stability of power system operation, self shunt excitation silicon controlled excitation system with fast response and low ceiling value has been widely used on hydro generators. This is undoubtedly a progress, but it also puts forward new and higher requirements for rotor de excitation protection. Therefore, deexcitation protection technology should also have corresponding development and progress to adapt to new changes. It is a serious task for us to seek a new and effective safe and reliable de excitation scheme.

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