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Abnormal Noise from The Fan Blades of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 02, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal noise in the fan blades of diesel generator sets. If you have any further information, please come to consult our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce relevant materials to you.

diesel generating set

When a diesel generator set is in operation, as the fan blades are used for a long time, there may be a sudden "clattering" noise, especially as the engine speed increases, the noise also increases accordingly. This phenomenon is called fan blade abnormal noise. The diesel generator set believes that this may be due to the vibration of the fan blades of the diesel generator set, resulting in loose rivets between the blades and the fan blade hub. The fastening screws of the fan are loose. Cracks have appeared at the root of the fan blades, changing the tilt angle of the blades. Broken fan blades, etc.

If abnormal noise is suddenly heard during the operation of the car, the engine should be immediately turned off and then stopped for inspection to avoid damaging the radiator due to broken fan blades. Use the starter to drive the fan to rotate at low speed and check for uneven operation or front and rear oscillation. If this phenomenon occurs, further diagnosis can be made. Stop the engine rotation of the diesel generator set, and pull the fan blades back and forth with your hand to feel loose. This indicates that the fastening bolts of the fan pulley are loose, or the screws that fasten the fan are loose, and should be welded or replaced in a timely manner. If a fan blade breaks while in transit but cannot be repaired, the fan can be removed, the symmetrical blades can be cut off, and the vehicle can continue to drive after installation.

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