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Mechanical Characteristics of Stamford Generator

Jan. 19, 2019

Electrical characteristics of the Stamford generator (Cummins generator)

Insulation and dipping: The insulation rating is “H”. All wound parts are specially developed and coated with a special process to provide protection for the generator in harsh environments. Specially developed resin-based materials provide high processing strength and high mechanical strength for coils and rotating parts.

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Winding and electrical performance: all generator windings are 2/3 pitch winding, which effectively eliminates the third and third multiple harmonics of the voltage (3rd, 9th, 15.), It is the best design of non-linear load such as uninterruptible power supply equipment. In parallel with the grid, the 2/3 pitch structure suppresses the sometimes large midline current generated by the larger coil pitch. A fully continuous damping winding reduces the oscillation of the generator in parallel operation. This 2/3 pitch, and a carefully selected winding match between the poles and teeth, suppresses the waveform distortion of the output voltage.

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Overload capacity: Stamford Land Generator can overload 110% every 12 hours for 1 hour.


Telephone interference: THF (, as defined by BS EN60034-1, is less than 2%.TIF (as defined by NEMA Mgl-22) less than 50.


Radio interference: brushless devices and high-quality AVR ensure that the radio transmission interference is minimal to meet the requirements of the BSEN61000-6 standard. An additional radio interference suppressor, (RFI)., can be provided if necessary Terminal and junction box: the standard generator is three-phase and can reconnect 12 wiring heads leading to the terminal, which is mounted on the output board of the non-drive end of the generator. The outline box made of chipplate has AVR, and enough space for the user to wire it. For ease of operation, the panel is a removable panel.


Mechanical Properties


Air filter: as optional, air filter can be installed on generator, but the rating is reduced by 5%. It is recommended that all motors equipped with air filters be equipped with stator winding high temperature alarm devices.


Shafts and keys: all generator rotors are dynamically balanced and the checked vibration is lower than the minimum specified in stage 25 of part 1 of BS6861. Double fulcrum generator with half key to adjust dynamic balance.


Filter sleeve and coupling: generators have both single fulcrum and double fulcrum structures. Bushing and disc couplings meet SAE standards and can be matched with all diesel engines with SAE standard interfaces.


Protection level: all Stamford generators meet the IP23 standard as an optional generator that can provide IP44 air-cooled protection to customers, but it is recommended that all IP44 generators be equipped with stator winding high temperature alarm devices.


Altitude and ambient temperature: the rated power of all Stamford land generators refers to power not exceeding 1000 meters above sea level and less than 400C in ambient temperature. If the altitude is more than 1000 meters, for each elevation of 500m, the power will drop by 3 meters; if the altitude is above 4000 meters, please consult the factory. When the ambient temperature is over 40 ℃, for every 5 ℃ increase, the motor power is reduced by 3%. When the ambient temperature exceeds 600C, please contact the factory and consult. 

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