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Engga Generator End For Diesel Generator

Jan. 02, 2020

Starlight Engga Generator EG series uniaxial and biaxial brushless AC generators are designed by Guangzhou Engga Generator Co.,Ltd.The scope of its power:40 kw to 3000 kw. Frequency:50 Hz or 60 Hz. Guangzhou Engga Generator Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture integrated with scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales and specialized management of generators, and it is committed to the development of new energy products and vigorously promoting the industrialization of various specifications of the wind generators and high voltage generators. At present, Engga Generator Co.,Ltd. is one of the most powerful generator manufacturers in the world.

Engga Generator End For Diesel Generator


Engga EG series generators have been widely matched with import engines such as those from Volvo, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Deutz, MTU, Daewoo, John Deere, MAN and Jones and domestic engines such as SDEC, Jinan Diesel Engine, Weichai, Wudong, Deutz, Steyr and Shengdong. It is the right alternator for diesel generator

As EG generator exports and domestic sales continue to increase, in order to better meet the OEM customers, the company developed the series 160 (power from 16 kw ~ 32 kw) and series 500 (power from 1200 kw to 2000 kw), and it also optimized and improved the original series, which is a full launch of the new series generators with the suffix N.

Advantages of Engga generators:


They adopt registered patent technology, and Engga EG series of generators are significantly enhanced in the mechanical strength and end insulation of the stators, with a improved.overall life.

1) Structure of stator end:

Stator coil end adopt the Class H insulation film and insulating tape to conduct a half-lapped tapping along the wire root for different phase coil end that sticks out of the notch,so as to improve the insulating strength and mechanical strength of the end. The end of the stator and the each bundle of the extended coils are processed, and the end of each bundle of the extended coil get shaped. and then on the stator end of each Engga generator, an insulation end ring is added, and each bundle of the extended coil shaped by the special process will all be effectively fixed on the insulation end ring, which makes the the end coil form an entity with an excellent strength.This effectively prevents and resists the impact of the stator end falling apart caused by because of the sudden loading and short circuit.


Patented rotor coil wires, structure with triple-insulated treatment:


Bottom: lapped tapping of Class H insulation film;

Middle: Insulating-glass wrapping;

Outside: immersion and drying of high quality insulating paint;


Effectively improve the insulation between rotor's different bundles and different layers, and effectively enhance the moistureproof and anticorrosive ability, and also effectively improve the life, reliability, environmental adaptability of the generator accordingly. Especially to adapt to the bad environment such as high heat and humidity, subtropics, island, chemical industry, textile, etc.


Advantages of adoption of patented rotor wire:

If ordinary enameled wires are used to wind the rotor, it could easily cause short circuit between bundles and layers which result from the painting cracks and falling off. This kind of fault is a major cause of the damage of a generator. By comparison in said experiment, due to the special structure, the flat copper wires which adopt the amido film half-lapped tapping and glass fiber lapping absolutely will not lead to problems and hidden dangers because of insulation layer during the winding. Improvement in the insulation reliability of EG generator is especially suitable for the bad working environment.


The production technology of the Engga EG generator rotor which adopts the registered patent technology results in a qualitative leap in its reliability and service life:


A. Automatic voltage regulation system:


In the design of the EG series generators, the extension phenomenon due to the high temperature when the flat copper wire of the generator stator is running has already been considered. It adopts the design of sectional supporting block, with sufficient space reserved, so as to prevent the insulation from damages because of the contraction principle of flat copper wire, which could burn generators.


Because there is no consideration of the heat expansion of the rotor winding at work, so other brand generators in the long item workload could easily cause the damage to the insulation structure because of the above reasons, thus leading to the generator damage.


Generators use Brushless self-excitation automatic voltage regulation system:

use the fundamental wave and third harmonic at the same time as the excitation power to supply excitation, build stable output voltage with an excellent dynamic performance, give a consideration on the function of built-in sudden loading buffer of the fully plastic-filmed electronic AVR module (LAM) working under bad environment


In addition to the above four advantages, carefully designed EG series also have some other advantages:


1. They adopt backward type high-efficiency cooling fans which greatly reduce the noise of generator during running, with an average running noise decreased by 3-5 db.


2. They use the bearing structure of sealed dust-proof ball bearings which greatly extends the service life of the generator. The design of flange seam allowance under the S.A.E standard and domestic engine connection standard make them easier to connect with imported or domestic engines.


We suppl high quality Engga genertor end for diesel generator, for more information, please visit:


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