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350KW Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Technical Data

Jul. 11, 2020

Starlight Power is a professional manufacturer in diesel generator set in China, having its own factory, founded in 1974. As authorized diesel engine of genset by Shangchai engine company, we provide genset powered by Shangchai engine, prime power range is from 45kw to 1800kw. Today we share technical data of 350kw Shangchai diesel generator set.


Characteristic of 350kw Shangchai diesel generator set

A.Integral crankshaft, gantry body, flat cut connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable shape, strong matching adaptability, can be interchanged with the old 135 diesel engine;

B.Adopt new type combustion chamber to increase the injection pressure and improve the combustion process to achieve the environmental protection index: the emission value of exhaust pollutants meets the requirements of JB8891-1999, and the noise meets the requirements of GB14097-1999;

C.The optimized design of lubrication and cooling system, reducing the number of external pipelines and parts, and using the whole brushless alternator greatly improved the three leakage and greatly enhanced the reliability;

D.Adopt J98 and J114B exhaust gas turbochargers, which has strong plateau working ability. When used in the plateau area with altitude 5000m, the power reduction is less than 3%;

E.Using new exhaust ejector with high vacuum degree, air filter with three-stage swirling German paper filter element and low-temperature ceramic piston ring, the diesel engine can be used in desert or high dust area without early wear.

 350kw Shangchai diesel generator set

Technical data of 350kw Shangchai diesel generator set.

Manufacturer: Starlight Power (Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.)

Genset Model:


Prime Power/capacity:


Standby Power/capacity:


Rated Current:


Rated Frequency:

50 (Hz)

Power Factor:

0.8 (Lag)

Rated voltage:

230/400V or as you need

Steady state voltage regulation rate:


Voltage stability time :


Voltage fluctuation rate:

≤ ±0.5%

Frequency stability time:


Frequency Waving:


Steady state frequency regulation rate:


Transient frequency regulation rate:

≤ ±5%

Frequency volatility rate:


Diesel engine technical data

Manufacturer: Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd.


Diesel Engine Data



Prime power


Standby power


Rated Speed


Engine Type

V-type,4 strokes, water-cooled

Air intake type:

Turbo charged & air-to-air intercooled

Combustion type

Direct injection

Cylinder Arrangement/Type:

12 Wet liner

Bore x stroke




Compression ratio


Start mode

24V DC electric start

Fuel consumption

100%: 100.4 L/h

75%: 75.8 L/h

50%: 112.7 L/h

Alternator options

We have original Stamford, copy Stamford, Marathon, Engga, Leroy Somer, Shanghai Kepu, as well as our oen Starlight. You can select one according to your requirements. The alternator can overload 10% for 1 hour.


Controller options: SmartGen and Deep Sea

SmartGen: 6110, 6120 etc.

Deep Sea: 7320, 8610 etc.

We can supply according to your requirements.


Lead time of Starlight diesel generators: 10 days(open type), 20 days( silent type). If you have purchase plan, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com or call us +8613481024441. 

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