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3 Determinations of Commonly Used Diesel Generators

Aug. 07, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce three definite contents about what are commonly used diesel generators.

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Determination of the capacity of common diesel generators: According to the long-term continuous operation of the unit, the output power can meet the rated calculation load of the whole project, and the capacity of the diesel generator standby unit should be determined according to the importance of the load. The continuous output power of the diesel engine is generally 0.9 times the rated power.

Determination of the number of commonly used diesel generators: The number of commonly used diesel generators is usually set to more than 2 to ensure the continuity of power supply and adapt to changes in the power load curve. Only when the number of diesel generators is large can the number of diesel generators to be invested can be determined according to the change of electricity load, so that the diesel engine often runs under economic load, so as to reduce the fuel consumption rate and the cost of power generation. The best economical operating state of the diesel engine is between 75%-90% of the rated power. In order to ensure the continuity of power supply, the common unit itself should consider setting up a standby unit, so that the diesel generator can still meet the uninterrupted and continuous power supply to the important power load when the unit is faulty repaired or stopped for inspection.

Determination of the rotational speed of common diesel generators: Diesel generator manufacturers optimize maintenance. In order to reduce wear and increase the service life of the unit, common diesel generators should choose medium and low speed units with a calibrated speed not greater than 1000r/min. high speed unit. Units of the same power station should use units of the same model and capacity so as to use the same spare parts and facilitate maintenance and management. For projects with large load changes, units of the same series with different capacities can also be selected. The determination of the generator output calibration voltage is the same as that of emergency diesel generators, generally 400V. Individual projects with large power consumption and long transmission distances can choose high-voltage diesel generators.

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