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150KW Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Equipped with Inge Motor

Dec. 20, 2023

The 150kw Shangchai diesel generator set produced by Dingbo Power is equipped with diesel engines produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., which have excellent power performance, economy, stability, reliability, operability, and low operating and maintenance costs. Below, we will introduce the relevant technical parameters of a 150kw diesel generator set equipped with a SC7H230D2 diesel engine model and an Engel generator.

emergency generator

Diesel generator set parameters

1. Rated output power: 150KW

2. Rated voltage: AC400V/230V (adjustable)

3. Rated current: 270A

4. Rated frequency: 50Hz

5. Power factor: 0.8 (lagging)

6. Start time: ≤ 3 seconds (with full operation ≤ 7 seconds)

7. Fuel consumption rate: 183g/kg. h

8. Compression ratio: 17:1

9. Lubricating oil capacity (L): 20

10. The generator speed is stable within the range of 0.25%

11. The success rate of unit self start shall not be less than 98%

12. The unit has a sudden loading capacity of over 60%

13. Unit no-load voltage: between 95% -105% of rated voltage

14. Unit fault free operation time interval: ≥ 1000 hours

15. The unit has the characteristics of fast startup, strong ability to withstand sudden loads, reliable operation, good adjustability, low failure rate, low noise, low vibration, low pollution, small volume, light weight, and convenient maintenance.

16. Automatic voltage regulator: It has a high-precision voltage regulation rate at rated speed and is equipped with relevant protection functions. The output voltage of the generator should be stable within 400V ± 0.5%.

17. Under normal circumstances, the diesel generator set should always be in a ready to start state; When there is a power outage, the unit should start immediately. When the mains power is available, the unit should be able to automatically shut down (in conjunction with the mains/oil engine automatic conversion cabinet) and delay the shutdown to restore normal power supply; There should be interlocking devices between the unit and the normal power supply of the above system to prevent reverse flow with the mains power; If the unit fails to self start for three consecutive times, it should be able to issue an alarm signal.

Diesel engine

1. Brand: Shangchai SC7H230D2

2. Speed: 1500r/min

3. Working cycle: four stroke

4. Steam inlet method: turbocharging, intercooling

5. Cylinder arrangement: inline, 6-cylinder

6. Tail gas emissions: reaching zero level of Lingermann blackness, with harmful gas emissions lower than Euro III emission standards

7. Cooling method: integral cooling water closed cycle

8. Speed regulation method: electronic speed regulation

9. Fuel injection method: direct injection


1. Brand: Inge EG280-150N

2. Excitation method: Brushless self excitation AVR

3. Phase number: three-phase four wire system

4. Rated capacity: 150KW (common power)

5. Rated frequency: 50Hz

6. Protection level: IP22

7. Insulation level: H-level insulation

8. Waveform distortion rate: ≤ 3%

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