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Wrong Operation Will Shorten The Service Life Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 18, 2023

The service life of diesel generator sets is a problem that users are more concerned about. Generally speaking, the service life of diesel generator sets is about 20 years, but it depends on the user's maintenance of the generator set. The unit will last longer if it is operated correctly on a daily basis and with good maintenance and maintenance on a regular basis. On the contrary, if the user does not care about the operation of the unit and always performs some wrong operations, the service life of the diesel generator set will also be greatly reduced. Dingbo Power recommends you to avoid the following wrong operations.


1. Turn on the load if the indicator does not meet the standard.

The normal indicators for the operation of diesel generators are that the voltage should be 400v, the frequency should be 50HZ, and the speed should be around 1500 rpm, which is relatively high-speed operation, so there will be relatively large noise. Some users reduce the speed in order to make the noise lower, so the indicators of normal operation will not meet the standard, and the voltage and frequency will not be enough, which directly affects the use of equipment. Under low or undervoltage operation, the diesel generator will be underpowered for a long time.


2. Improper use of coolant.

The coolant in the water tank uses tap water or river water directly. Tap water and river water contain a lot of minerals, and scale is easily formed under high temperature conditions, resulting in poor heat dissipation performance. In addition, diesel generators are divided into two types: small cycle and large cycle. When the internal water temperature of the diesel generator set is above 80 ℃, the bypass valve of the thermostat is completely closed, and the water outlet valve is all opened. At this time, the cooling water inside the body flows through the radiator for large circulation. In this way, the valve cannot be opened due to the scale problem, and the unit will be high temperature. If it does not have the four protection functions, it is relatively difficult to detect, and long-term operation will damage the parts of the diesel engine.


Yuchai Power Generator Set

3. Failure to check/change oil on time.

We all know that engine oil plays a role in lubricating. If it is not maintained and managed for a long time, the engine oil will decrease and deteriorate. Under normal circumstances, the high-speed operation of the internal parts of the diesel engine will disperse the oil into a mist, which has a good lubricating effect. Once it is lower than the lower scale line, the friction between the parts will increase, causing failures such as pulling the cylinder.


4. Shutdown with load or stop immediately after long-term operation.

The shutdown of diesel generator sets under load can easily lead to the demagnetization of the carbon brushes of brush-type generators, and there will be heat dissipation problems when the diesel generator set is stopped immediately under load for a long time. Under normal circumstances, the steps to stop the machine are to disconnect the load first, reduce from high speed to low speed, and stop after running for 3-5 minutes. Start-up steps: Start the diesel generator, run at idle speed, and connect to the load when the high-speed operation reaches the target. After the diesel engine generator is turned off, the circulation of cooling water stops, the heat dissipation capacity is sharply reduced, and the heated parts lose cooling, which is easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts to overheat, resulting in cracks, or excessive expansion of the piston stuck in the cylinder liner .


5. Diesel generator set slams the throttle when starting at low temperature.

Diesel generator sets normally need to be warmed up for a few minutes before running at low temperature. Usually, the unit will emit white smoke during low temperature operation, because the internal temperature of the diesel engine is too low, heat will be generated during the combustion process, and condensed water will be generated. This situation disappears when the temperature rises. In addition, due to the low temperature, the lubrication of the oil is relatively poor, which will cause increased wear and tear, so in the low temperature environment, it must be warmed up first and then run normally.


Any wrong operation of the diesel generator set will indirectly or directly affect the life of the diesel generator set. In order for the diesel generator set to have the best running state and the longest service life, the user must be aware of these wrong ways and correct them. Otherwise, the unit will only accelerate damage and be scrapped in advance.


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