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Working Principle of Diesel Generator Ventilation Device

Jan. 04, 2023

The exhaust gas generated by the diesel generator during operation is rich in a large amount of acid and sulfide, which has a strong corrosion effect on its parts. In addition, these exhaust gases will also cause the pressure in the crankcase of the diesel generator to rise, thus damaging the sealing effect of the unit, and finally leading to oil leakage. The role of the crankcase ventilation device of the diesel generator mentioned here is to extract these gases from the crankcase in time to ensure the normal lubrication of the diesel generator lubrication system, extend the service life of the engine oil, prevent leakage, and ensure that the diesel generator parts are not corroded.

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In order to prolong the service life of lubricating oil, reduce wear and corrosion of parts and prevent oil leakage of diesel engine, crankcase ventilation device must be used. There are two methods for crankcase ventilation: one is to use the airflow caused by mechanical operation and fans to form a certain degree of vacuum at the air outlet connected to the crankcase, so as to extract the gas out of the crankcase. This ventilation method is called natural ventilation; The other is the so-called forced ventilation method, which uses the vacuum degree of the intake pipe of the diesel engine to suck out the gas in the crankcase and enter the cylinder.

So, what is the working principle of the crankcase ventilation device of the diesel generator? There are two main ways: first, the crankcase is designed to directly communicate with the atmosphere; The other is that the ventilation port designed for the crankcase of the diesel generator is connected with the air inlet pipe, so that the gas in the crankcase of the diesel generator is sucked into the cylinder for combustion again, which is called forced ventilation.

Therefore, it is suspected that the cylinder block or cylinder head has cracks, so the cylinder head and cylinder block are inspected. After careful inspection, it was found that there was a small hole in the water plug in the valve pushrod chamber on the left side of the cylinder block. Obviously, the water plug was severely rusted, leading to perforation. However, due to the small aperture, the water leakage of the diesel engine is large only when it is running at high speed, and the temperature of the diesel engine is high during operation, so most of the coolant entering the crankcase becomes water vapor; Under the action of the positive crankcase ventilation device, water vapor is drawn into the combustion chamber from the intake passage, condensed into a small amount of water droplets in the valve cover and the supercharger pressure passage, and finally discharged from the exhaust pipe. Because there is less water vapor, the smoke color change is not obvious, and it is difficult to see the change of oil quality and oil level of lubricating oil.

Natural ventilation refers to the ventilation mode in which the gas extracted from the crankcase is directly introduced into the atmosphere. This type of crankcase natural ventilation is commonly used for diesel generators. The gas extracted from the crankcase is led into the intake pipe of the diesel generator, and is sucked into the cylinder for combustion. This type of forced crankcase ventilation is generally used in gasoline engines, which can recycle the mixture that goes into the crankcase and improve the economy of diesel generators.

The main purpose of ventilation is to better ensure the normal operation and service life of the diesel generator equipment. Therefore, Starlight Power Generation Equipment reminds everyone to pay attention to the ventilation of the diesel generator, do a good job of inspection and maintenance during the daily use of the engine, and create an optimal environment for the effective and safe operation of the diesel generator.

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