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Why The Manual Oil Pumping Device Often Fail to Pump Oil?

Aug. 09, 2023

At present, the oil delivery pump of the generator set is equipped with a manual oil pumping device to meet the needs of manual oil pumping and air removal. So why do manual oil pumping devices often fail to pump oil? The main reason is that the elastic force of the return spring is greater than that of the diaphragm spring. When the top rod is pressed against the lowest point of the cam, the diaphragm is in position. At this time, when the pressure rod is pulled, its eccentricity finger cannot press to the bottom edge of the shaped hole above the pull rod assembly edge, which cannot complete the up and down movement process of the diaphragm, that is, the oil pumping process.

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Only when the top rod is pushed up within the range of the top end of the cam's rising stroke, that is, when the top rod is pushed up, the return spring is compressed, and the pull rod assembly is pushed up by the diaphragm spring, can the eccentric finger of the pressure rod be rotated to press down the pull rod assembly and diaphragm through the square hole on the side of the pull rod assembly to complete the oil suction process. Release the pressure rod, and the diaphragm spring can once again lift the diaphragm to complete the process of pressing the fuel. Therefore, the key to manually pumping oil is to ensure that the hollow top rod is pressed against the rising stroke of the cam. At the highest point, the manual oil pump has the maximum stroke and the best oil pumping effect.

Pull the pressure bar with your hand and confirm the feeling of your hand when pulling the pressure bar. If there is a strong sense of resistance when pressing down the pressure rod, and there is a sudden increase in resistance during the 1/2-1/3 stroke after the pressure rod, it indicates that the cam position is appropriate. As long as the pressure rod is pulled about 300-400 times, the filter can be fully pumped. If there is no resistance and there is no sudden increase in resistance during the last 1/2-1/3 stroke of the pressure rod, it indicates that the cam position is not suitable. You can turn the key switch to idle the diesel engine for a while and confirm the feel again. Generally, idling up to four or five times can turn the cam to a better pump oil position.

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