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Why The Fuel Economy of Diesel Generator Set Lubrication System is So High?

Jul. 09, 2021

The most common fault of diesel generator set lubrication system is excessive oil consumption. Today, Starlight will introduce how to overhaul the excessive oil consumption of diesel generator set lubrication system.

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Diesel generator set lubrication system oil is in normal use, in order to ensure the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder wall have good lubrication, using spraying to attach a layer of oil on the cylinder wall. Since the piston ring is limited, the oil remaining on the cylinder is under high temperature gas, and some is burned, some with the exhaust gas, and form an active gas on the cylinder, and when the engine operating temperature is too high. There is also a partial oil evaporation vaporization and is driven to the crankcase or inhaled cylinders. When the engine's technical condition is good, these normal consumption is relatively small, but when the engine's technical condition is deteriorated with the extension of the time of use. Its oil consumption increases. The larger the increase in oil consumption, the more serious the performance of the engine is marked.

1. Diesel generator set lubrication system oil consumption is too large

1) There is a significant decline in the machine oil surface.

2) Blue smoke from exhaust.

2. Diesel generator set lubrication system oil oil consumption is too large

1) There is oil leakage: such as the rear bearing oil sealing oil, the timing gear cover oil seal is damaged or improperly leaking, the cam shaft is not strict and other pad damage or the tubing joint is loose. Wait.

2) The radial impeller shaft seal of the exhaust gas turbocharger failed.

3) The valve catheter sealing cap is damaged, or the air door stem is too large.

4) The piston, the piston ring and the cylinder wall wear, so that the mating between each other is increased, resulting in the engine oil to participate in the combustion chamber.

5) The piston ring is not installed correctly: the piston ring is opposed to the mouth or the card to lose its elasticity; the twisted ring or tapered ring is inverted to the combustion chamber pump oil.

3. Diesel generator set lubrication system oil consumption excessive exclusion method

1) View the leakage oil: If an organic oil is dropped from the edge of the flywheel or the oil bottom, it is a crankshaft oil sealing oil; if the oil is from the rear end cover of the camshaft, the cam is explained. The rear end cover is not strictly sealed; if the oil is pulled out from the crank pulley, it means that the timing gear cover is damaged or improperly leaking; if other village pads or tubing joints are loose and oil leakage. From the appearance, it can be seen that there is a trace of oil, should be checked whether each connecting screw or tubing joint is loose and whether the village pad is broken.

2) If the exhaust gas is blue, the oil is discharged after sucking the cylinder. It should first check that there is inorganic oil in the intake pipe. If an organic oil indicates that the radiopath of the exhaust turbocharger is invalid, the oil is inserted into the airway, and the seal should be replaced; if the intake pipe is dry, there is no Inorganic oil, it should be checked whether the valve catheter sealing cap is intact, whether the intake gate portion and the catheter are too large, and the replacement overhaul is given.

If the above situations are good, then remove the generator set and the oil bottom shell, perform comprehensive inspection and measurement on the cylinder, piston, and piston ring, see if the piston, the wear of the piston ring and the cylinder and whether the assembly gap is too large and Whether the piston ring is installed correctly and reaches the purpose of the troubleshooting.

Any more information welcome send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will feedback with promptly reply.

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