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Why The Coolant Temperature Of Diesel Generator Can Not Be Too Low

Oct. 21, 2021

In actual use, there is a wrong understanding: the lower the coolant temperature of diesel generators, the better. In fact, we have clear requirements for the use of diesel engine coolant temperature. Some operators like to adjust the coolant temperature very low. Some are close to the lower limit of coolant temperature, and some are lower than the lower limit of coolant temperature. They believe that if the coolant temperature is low, the water pump will not have cavitation, the coolant will not be interrupted, and there is a safety factor in use. In fact, as long as the coolant temperature does not exceed 95°C, no air pockets will appear and the coolant will not be interrupted. On the contrary, if the coolant temperature is too low, it will be very harmful to the diesel engine.


1. As the viscosity of the oil in the lubrication system increases, the running resistance of the parts increases, resulting in poor lubrication and increased wear between parts. For example, when the coolant temperature is 30°C, compared with the coolant temperature of 80 to 90°C, the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring will increase about 5 times.


2. Low coolant temperature, worsening combustion conditions in diesel engine cylinders, poor fuel atomization, prolonged afterburn period, rough diesel engine operation, etc., aggravate the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other parts, reducing power and economy.


3. The water vapor after combustion is easy to condense on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion.


diesel generator

4. Unburned diesel will dilute the engine oil, resulting in poor lubrication.


5. Incomplete combustion of fuel will form gums, which will cause the piston ring to be stuck in the piston ring groove, the valve will be stuck, and the pressure in the cylinder will decrease at the end of compression.


6. With the increase of heat loss, the power of diesel engine decreases and fuel consumption increases.


7. Poor fuel atomization, incomplete combustion, reduced power, and increased fuel consumption. If the coolant temperature is 40℃, the fuel consumption of the diesel engine will be about 10% more than 80℃. Therefore, the lower the temperature of the diesel engine coolant, the better. Generally controlled between 80-95℃.


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