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Why Is There No Power In The Starting Battery Of The Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 31, 2023

The starting battery of the diesel generator set is an important part of the starting system. Its main function is to start the diesel generator set, and secondly, it is used to monitor the power grid and whether the conditions such as oil and water before starting meet the starting requirements, and it is also used for excitation. (some types of generators require manual excitation after starting), when the starting battery has no electricity, it will lose its function of application. Now there are many reasons for the battery to have no electricity. Generally, it is caused by the following reasons:


1. If the diesel generator set is not used for a long time, the battery will be dead because it is not charged in time, because the battery itself will self-discharge. Therefore, the batteries that are not usually used should be charged at least once a month until bubbles are formed in the batteries. After each start of the diesel generator set, the batteries should be charged for at least half an hour.


2. For frequently used equipment, it is necessary to check whether the charging generator or charger is faulty. The DC voltage output of the charging generator should be 28v, and the minimum voltage should not be lower than 27v.


3. The failure of the relevant charging circuit will also cause the battery to fail to charge, resulting in the battery being dead.


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4. The battery itself has been damaged. In this regard, the battery can be recharged for 24 hours. If there is still no electricity, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recommends you to replace it with a new battery.


The starting battery of the diesel generator set plays an important role in the normal start of the unit. If there is no starting battery, the diesel generator set will not be able to start normally. Therefore, the user must pay attention to the correct maintenance of the diesel generator set. When charging the battery, you should first open the battery filter cap or vent cap, check the electrolyte water level, and adjust it with distilled water if necessary.


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