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Why Is The Plane Of Diesel Generator Cylinder And Cylinder Head Deformed

Jan. 28, 2022

It is a common phenomenon for diesel generator cylinders and cylinder heads to deform during use. The contact surface between the cylinder block and the cylinder head of the device is often warped and deformed. The deformation of the cylinder block seriously affects the assembly quality of the internal combustion engine. Due to the deformation of the cylinder body, it will cause the cylinder seal to be loose, air leakage, oil leakage, and even cause the gas to break through the cylinder gasket, resulting in insufficient engine power.


The six reasons for the deformation of the diesel generator cylinder head and the cylinder head plane are as follows:


1. During manufacture, there is no aging treatment or improper aging treatment. Therefore, the internal stress of the parts is very large. During the operation of the engine, the internal stress is redistributed to achieve a new balance, resulting in deformation of the parts.


2. When the internal combustion engine runs for a long time, the surrounding of the screw hole will be deformed under the action of tensile stress.


3. The torque of the cylinder head nut is too large. The torque is uneven or not in the specified order, resulting in plane distortion.


4. Remove the cylinder head of the high temperature diesel generator, resulting in an uneven plane.


5. The cylinder head nuts are not retightened when the new machine or the overhauled machine is running.


diesel generator

6. Use the welding repair method to repair the cylinder and cylinder head of the unit to make them deformed by heat.


There are generally two methods for the deformation detection of the cylinder head and the plane of the cylinder head of diesel generators:


1. Inspection and display method of plane deformation of diesel generator cylinder block and cylinder head.

Coat the worktable, put the inspected cylinder head or cylinder block on the platform for grinding, if it is evenly distributed on the flat plate, it means that the flatness used is good. Otherwise, the plane is not uniform.


2. The method of measuring the plane deformation of diesel generator cylinder block and cylinder head.

When checking the deformation on the plane of the cylinder and the cylinder head of the diesel generator, stand the ruler on the measured plane, and then measure the gap between the ruler and the plane with a thickness gauge (measure multiple times at different positions), as shown in Figure 3-6. If possible, measure with a flatness meter.


The inspection standard for the plane deformation of the cylinder and cylinder head of the internal combustion engine is: the stability error of the upper plane of the cylinder should not exceed 0.05mm for any 50mm × 50mm internal combustion engine, 0.25mm for a six-cylinder internal combustion engine, and 0.15mm for a four-cylinder internal combustion engine. The adjustment of the lower plane of the cylinder head of the side-valve gasoline engine shall not exceed 0.05mm within any 50mm × 50mm, and the overall size of the six-cylinder engine shall not exceed 0.35mm (cast iron cylinder head) or 0.25mm (aluminum alloy cylinder head), a four-cylinder engine cannot exceed 0.25mm (cast iron cylinder head). When the adjustment between the upper plane of the cylinder block and the lower plane of the cylinder head is greater than the above range, it should be trimmed.


If the cylinder and cylinder head of diesel generator are not smooth, you can also use a shovel to level it or apply grinding paste, and place the cylinder head in the cylinder body for buckling and grinding.


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