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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Diesel Generator

Sep. 28, 2021

I believe everyone feels that whether it is a power outage in life or a power outage in the production process, it is very inconvenient for people. For life companies, power outages mean the interruption of production. For business owners, power outage is a considerable economic loss. Therefore, standby diesel generators are an indispensable production investment for many companies.


The backup diesel generator is a large-scale heavy-duty fixed system. Many companies use diesel fuel backup generators. They can generate a lot of electricity when you need them most. Many companies choose backup diesel generators with automatic transfer switches. This function can be used turn on the power immediately when the power is off. This preparation can save your business in an emergency. However, before you choose a diesel generator, you need to estimate the full load capacity of your business so that you can choose the right unit. When choosing generators for commercial use, you can perform full-load current measurements on the service panel during peak usage periods. However, if you have not received training in electrical work, it is important to hire a professional to complete this task.


Diesel generator power calculation formula.

To make a full load measurement, add all the measured values at the same time. The total will give you the total amperage used by the facility. For three-phase current, you divide the total amperage by three. For single-phase current, you need to divide the total amperage by 2. Next, you multiply the result by the power supply voltage. You can then multiply that number by 1000 to provide the kilowatts required by the generator. Now you can add the kilowatts required for all emergency systems. The formula for calculating your power requirements is as follows:

Full load kilowatts = total amperage × power supply voltage/1000

Spare capacity = full load kilowatts × 0.25

For full power, generator size = full load kilowatts + spare capacity


You can also calculate the specifications of commercial standby diesel generators by evaluating your usage history. The billing system of the public grid can help you determine the maximum power consumption. Using your electricity bill, you can view peak demand and increase spare capacity by 25%.


diesel generator

1. Several power tips.

You can also use several other methods to determine the power of a commercial generator. For example, you can view the manufacturer tags on all devices in the facility. You can use this information to calculate the load capacity of each motor you use. For this part of your research, you need to find the starting current of the largest engine that turns on and off in your facility. Then you multiply the starting current by the voltage to calculate the wattage you need. For all other loads (motor and non-motor), multiply the current by watts. Now, add the wattage required for the largest motor and all remaining loads. Next, multiply the total by 1000 to find the number of kilowatts required by the generator. Now, add 25% to the results to account for surge capacity.


2. Adjust your choice.

In addition to your power requirements, there are other things you should consider. For example, you want to consider the type of fuel used. Most companies use diesel generators. Diesel fuel is more reliable and provides maximum power. You also need to determine the correct location of the generator. The backup generator will make a lot of noise. Therefore, you need to consider how its operations will affect your business.


3. Choose a commercial diesel generator supplier.

Now that you have checked the commercial generator selection calculator, you need an excellent diesel generator supplier. Your generator needs fuel and proper disposal. It also requires continuous maintenance. Therefore, it is best to choose a trustworthy supplier who can perform maintenance.


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