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Why is Cummins Generator Set Cylinder Pulled

Jun. 30, 2021

For the management of Cummins generator sets to analyze this problem, it is necessary to know that the causes of Cummins generator sets to pull cylinders are very complicated. There are design reasons, such as material selection, clearance size determination, and installation of the device. Whether it is appropriate, whether the structural layout is reasonable, whether the surface roughness is suitable, whether the arrangement of lubrication and cooling is perfect, etc., from the perspective of management, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Cylinder lubrication is poor: Cylinder lubrication is insufficient or oil supply is interrupted, and the cylinder is pulled due to direct metal contact. The reasons for poor cylinder lubrication include: too little oil in the oil pan or poor quality of the oil, the temperature of the diesel engine is too high, or the piston ring (mainly the oil ring) is damaged or failed.


Diesel genset

Insufficient running-in: To get effective running-in in the shortest possible time, the issues of running-in time and load distribution must be considered. The running-in cannot be completed even if the running-in is for a long time under too low load, and if the high-load operation is urgent, it will cause the cylinder to pull. Therefore, during the running-in period of Cummins diesel engine, attention should be paid to: properly increase the oil injection during the running-in period; the piston ring should be operated for a period of time under low load after renewal; the piston and cylinder liner should be run-in after renewal and then increase the load.


Poor cooling: Poor cooling will result in excessively high temperature of the cylinder and piston, and poor lubrication; poor cooling will cause the piston and cylinder liner to overheat and cause excessive expansion and deformation, losing the original normal gap and pulling the cylinder. The reasons for poor cooling are: insufficient discharge pressure of the cooling water pump, insufficient or interrupted water supply; corrosion or dirty cooling water cavity; air bubbles in the water, which are accumulated in the cooling cavity and are not released to cause air resistance; the water quality is too dirty and the water temperature is too high.


The piston ring does not work properly: The gap between the openings is too small, causing the piston ring to break; the gap between the sky and the earth is too small, causing the piston ring to jam; too much carbon deposits, the piston ring sticks to the ring groove and loses its elasticity, causing fracture or gas leakage; openings The gap is too large or the wear is serious, and air leakage occurs. The leakage of gas destroys the lubricating oil film and makes the surface temperature too high. After the piston ring is broken, the fragments are easy to fall into the piston cylinder, causing the cylinder to pull and bite.


Burning low-quality fuel oil: Incomplete combustion brings more combustion residues; after-combustion phenomenon is serious, which increases exhaust gas temperature, and technical measures are not taken in time; cylinder lubrication base value is inappropriate. In addition, some diesel engines have long-term overload operation, increased thermal load, overheated expansion, or poor alignment of moving parts, causing cylinders to be pulled.


Repair assembly errors: When repairing assembly errors, the piston pin snap ring is missing or not fully installed, and the piston pin of the Cummins diesel engine leaps out and scratches the cylinder liner, causing the cylinder to be pulled. Poor cleaning work during installation, and bringing metal chips or hard particles into the cylinder will also cause the cylinder to pull. In addition, the piston ring is installed incorrectly, reversely, or missed installation can cause cylinder pulling. Piston rings are divided into oil ring and gas ring. The oil ring is mainly used to scrape oil and improve the lubrication conditions of the cylinder liner. The gas ring is mainly to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder liner. According to different working conditions and pressure, each gas ring is different in material selection and structural design. If the piston ring is installed incorrectly, reversed or missing, it can cause loose sealing or no oil scraping effect. Deterioration of the lubrication condition of the inner surface of the cylinder liner causes a lack of oil and causes cylinder pulling. Therefore, we recommend that customers who purchase Cummins generator sets should install a self-protection control system to avoid such large losses.


The above are the contents that Starlight introduced you about the related reasons analysis of Cummins generator set pulling cylinder. Do you have any questions about this and need to know. Welcome everyone to consult our Starlight website, and we will have a professional person to explain it to you.


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