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Why Does Volvo Diesel Generator Set Have Abnormal Flameout

Oct. 28, 2021

The abnormal flameout of Volvo diesel generator sets during operation will greatly affect the output efficiency of the generator sets. If it is used in a factory, it will also delay various production processes and cause economic losses to users. Therefore, the user must figure out why the Volvo diesel generator set has abnormal flameout. Let's follow the Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to find out.


1. Insufficient power of the starting battery of the diesel generator set caused the starter motor to fail to start, which caused the Volvo diesel generator set to stall abnormally.


2. Poor contact of the connection line caused the starting motor to be unable to make a normal judgment, resulting in the Volvo diesel generator set being unable to start.


3. When the starter motor itself has a circuit failure, it will also cause abnormal flameout of the generator set.


Volvo diesel generator set

4. When the starter switch is in poor contact, it will cause the starter motor to rotate weakly, resulting in abnormal flameout.


5. When the clutch slips, it will also cause the generator set to start abnormally.


6. When the bearing bush is worn, it will also cause the generator set to fail to start normally and to stall abnormally.


7. When the switch contact piece melts, it will also cause the generator set to fail to work normally and cause abnormal automatic flameout.


To sum up, we know that Volvo diesel generator sets usually stall abnormally when the starting motor does not rotate, the starting motor is weak, or the steam turbine is difficult to return. The user has to make different countermeasures according to different reasons.


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