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Why Does The Diesel Generator Turn Off Automatically

Sep. 26, 2021

There are many reasons for the automatic flameout of diesel generators, but the problem analysis, determination, and solution methods can generally be analyzed from the technical process conditions such as the slow speed before and after flameout, the change of exhaust smoke color, etc., and the problem can be quickly determined. Position, eliminate the failure of automatic flameout.


(1) The speed is unstable, and the diesel engine turns off gradually, and the diesel engine turns off slowly when the throttle is not released. Generally speaking, it is done by the diesel engine.


The supply of diesel is not timely or the supply of diesel is interrupted. Its performance is that the diesel engine is running gradually weak, and finally it automatically turns off. The reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. Open the fuel tank cap and check whether the diesel is exhausted. If there is no oil, you can start after refueling.

2. If there is enough diesel, it may be that the ventilation valve of the fuel tank cap is blocked, or the diesel filter or oil separator is blocked, as well as the intake pipe. Loosen the nozzle or bleed screw of the fuel injection pump or the fuel transfer pump, supply oil with the fuel pump, and observe the oil flow on the fuel delivery pipe or the bleed screw.


If air bubbles emerge on the bleed screw, air will enter from the pipe. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the oil pump, the oil pipe and the joints are tight. There will be no cracks, wear, etc. When the oil pipe from the oil-water separator, the oil-water separator to the fuel injection pump leaks, air permeates, which reduces the vacuum in the pipe, weakens the fuel attraction in the fuel tank, cuts off the flow, and the diesel engine cannot start. If the air intake is low, the fuel quantity can be maintained and sent to the fuel injection pump from the fuel delivery pump. At this time, the diesel engine may be difficult to start, or it may self-extinguish during operation after starting. If too much air enters the oil circuit, it will cause several cylinders to cut off the fuel or reduce the fuel injection volume, and the diesel engine cannot start.


diesel generator set

If there are no bubbles in the diesel oil, return the oil pump to a fixed position and use the starter to drive the diesel engine to pump oil. If the oil still does not flow out, there is a problem with the oil pump and the oil pump should be replaced. The diesel engine starts again, but the engine speed will not stabilize immediately, indicating that the oil circuit is blocked. The supply of diesel is in short supply. The diesel filter should be maintained and inspected, cleaned, and cleaned section by section. In addition, in the cold winter in the northern region, considering that water in the diesel is frozen and blocking the oil circuit, it will also cause the diesel engine to automatically stop. If the diesel fuel label used in winter is not correct, it will automatically turn off due to excessive diesel fuel deposits.


(2) There is no abnormal phenomenon before the flameout, which is usually caused by the failure of the fuel injection pump of the diesel engine or the problem of the high-pressure oil circuit of the fuel system, that is, the diesel system stops supplying fuel to the cylinder, causing the diesel engine to suddenly and automatically shut down. In this case, first check the rotation and fuel supply of the fuel injection pump.


1. The nozzle does not work. The nozzle joint is caused by the corrosion of the moisture or acid elements in the diesel, the sealing surface of the needle valve is worn out. There may be gas in the cylinder (matching parts) and formation of carbon deposits, causing the fine parts to jam. At this time, the nozzle stops spraying, so that the diesel engine automatically turns off.


2. Deterioration of nozzle operation. If oil droplets are caused, when the adjustment spring is cracked or the fine parts of the nozzle are worn out to cause the coordination gap to become larger, the fuel supply pressure will be reduced. Diesel atomization is abnormal, and the fuel supply time will be longer. At this time, diesel engine fuel consumption increases and power decreases. Heavy-duty diesel engines on locomotives are also prone to stalling.


3. The fuel injection pump does not work or its work deteriorates. For example, the plunger is stuck, the plunger arm is separated from the tie rod, the outlet valve or the plunger assembly is worn out, the plunger spring or the delivery valve spring is twisted, the fuel injection pump drive bolt is twisted, etc., which will cause the fuel injection pump to fail. Deterioration of work or work causes the diesel engine to stall.


4. The fuel injection pump throttle control rod is worn out, and the connecting pin falls off, causing the throttle system to malfunction and causing the diesel engine to stall.


5. The high-pressure tubing is broken. The high-pressure tubing is slender and has high pressure. If the oil pipeline is aging and cracked or the joint is loose and leaks oil, the oil supply will be interrupted and the diesel engine will shut down.


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