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Why Does The Diesel Generator Camshaft Bearing Appear Abnormal

Dec. 02, 2021

The percussion sound of the camshaft bearing of the diesel generator is very low, and the rhythmic "click" sound is slightly sharper than the abnormal noise of the crankshaft bearing. When the sound is made, vibration occurs in the cylinder near the camshaft bearing, and the engine changes gears many times, and the sound and vibration are more obvious.


So, what causes the noise of diesel generator camshaft bearings?


Reason 1: The matching clearance between the bearing and the camshaft is too large or excessively worn.


Reason 2: Too many thrust pads or improper adjustments will cause the camshaft axial clearance to be too large, causing axial movement.


Reason 3: The camshaft is bent or deformed.


Reason 4: The bearing alloy burns or falls off.


Diagnosis and treatment of the noise of diesel generator camshaft bearings:


Method 1: Use a stethoscope or a screwdriver to auscultate the vicinity of the cylinder camshaft bearing. If there is vibration, diagnose the camshaft bearing.


Method 2: The sound law is generally idling. It is clear at medium speed, and the sound is messy or weak at high speed.


Method 3: When the camshaft moves, adjust the axial clearance, replace or adjust the thrust pad.


Method 4: The camshaft is deformed or the clearance is too large, and it should be repaired in time.


Method 5: If the bearing alloy burns out or falls off, it should be replaced.


Reasons for abnormal noise of diesel generator spur gear device and treatment methods:


diesel generator

1. When the nozzle at the front of the cylinder block at the gear is blocked or the nozzle is too small, causing the timing gear to run out of oil, aggravate the wear, and produce abnormal noise, stop the machine for inspection and remove the impurities and oil from the injector.


2. The shifting of the timing gear shaft is mostly due to the failure of the axial limiter of the camshaft or falling off due to the loosening of the timing gear fixing screw. At this time, the camshaft axial restraint device or spur gear fixing screw should be replaced.


3. A single tooth of the gear will be damaged. In the idling state, periodic double beeps can be heard, and as the engine speed increases, the beeps become louder and the duration becomes shorter. The damaged timing device should be replaced at this time.


4. After changing the timing gear, the gear mesh is not good, and there will be some abnormal noises at this time. After running in for a period of time, the sound will automatically disappear, some noises are caused by too large or too small tooth gap. If the sound persists, it should be checked or replaced.


The crankshaft and camshaft timing gears appear uneven after being replaced or installed, resulting in out-of-match meshing. The timing gears should be adjusted, repaired or replaced.


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