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Why Does The Diesel Engine Appear Black Smoke

Oct. 24, 2021

A machine equipped with Cummins 6BT diesel engine. When the diesel engine is started, idling and running at low speed, the exhaust pipe exhausts black smoke and runs weakly, but when the diesel engine runs at medium or high speed, the exhaust and power conditions are basically normal.


Generator set fault diagnosis: Check the diesel engine fuel system, the low and high pressure oil circuits are in normal technical condition, the injection pressure and atomization of each cylinder injector are in good condition, and the fuel supply timing is correct. Check the compression pressure of each cylinder to meet the requirements. Disassemble and inspect the air intake system, the air filter and the supercharger are working normally. However, it was found that part of the rubber had fallen off in the air intake rubber pipe, and the fallen rubber block blocked the air inlet like a "valve".


Troubleshooting of the generator set: After replacing the new intake rubber pipe, the diesel engine runs normally, and the low-speed black smoke failure disappears.


diesel engine

Reason analysis: After the rubber tube in the intake duct of the diesel engine fell off, the remaining part was connected to the rubber tube, forming a structure similar to a "valve". When the diesel engine runs at low speed, the suction in the intake duct is weak, and the rubber sheet blocks part of the intake duct, resulting in a decrease in the air intake. When the diesel engine is running at high speed, the suction in the intake duct increases, and the "valve" is completely adsorbed on the inner wall of the pipe, and the intake volume increases instead. Therefore, the diesel engine suffers from low-speed running weakness and black exhaust smoke, while the normal and high-speed operation is normal.


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